Ah yes! It is finally October my favorite month of the year. The month the leaves on the trees truly start to change only to end with Halloween my favorite holiday. There are houses being decorated with: pumpkins, leaves, and scarecrows. There are children who are out right now with their parents buying the perfect costume they will go trick or treating in on October 31st. The excitement of October is in the air as many, like me, take in all thirty one days of this month. It is October, the best month of the year.

The Exercising Lesson

IMG_0868.JPGAuthor Disclaimer: I am not a professional nutritionist, doctor, nor a personal trainer.

This post is overdue. I meant to do it back in August, and not it is the middle of September. The next part of the period blog is exercising. Working out and getting in some form of exercise can feel like a chore when your menstruating between the cramps and bloating, overall you just want to stay home and eat. But, exercising can do so much more. However, too much can be bad.

I have a personal story to go with this. When I was in high school I HATED gym class with a passion. I absolutely HATED it. I was always the kid who got picked last for sports teams. I guess you can say I was never the athletic one. Well, on the second day of my period one day I had gym class.

I absolutely dreaded going to this class as I felt uneasy about having to wear a pad under my gym clothes. I was dealing with cramps that made me feel sick. Even though, I had taken Advil, they were worse than ever. The last class of the day I had was gym. It was the final stretch before I could get on the bus and go home. I guess you can say the class was a long eighty minutes.

IMG_0874.JPGWell anyway, for this particular class we were learning Tae Bo as it had been added into the Phys. Ed curriculum. I wasn’t the fast moving one. I felt self conscious among my classmates as the teacher put in the DVD that we would be watching for the workout. As soon as the video started I followed along with my class to the fast moving workout.

As the sweat poured down my face I started to feel different than I had before. I started to realize that my menstrual cramps were gone. I started to notice that I didn’t feel sick and bloated as I did as I felt that whole day. When the video ended my cramps were gone. The teacher sent us to the locker room to get ready to go home. Shortly after the class slowed down I started to feel the cramps again. I had to catch the bus to go home, so it would be a little bit before I could get home.

IMG_1900.JPGFor the first time in my life I had been upset that gym class had ended. I wanted to go back in and continue on. When I got home I went on the treadmill to help cut the period cramps down. I didn’t want to stop exercising.

But, too much exercising can be bad for you. Because I wasn’t used to putting my body through a work out like that I ended up having sore muscles with pain in my arms and legs the next day. I still had to get through the next few days of menstruating with cramps, so Advil could only do so much. I learned that I needed to pace myself with keeping up with routine, so the next time I had my period I wasn’t in pain the next day.

Also, I found myself starving more than usual because I had burned more calories than I had eaten that day. I felt weak the next day because I didn’t keep up with a healthy diet to counteract the amount of exercise I had just put my body through. I guess you can say the next day I felt completely miserable.

IMG_9782.JPGI learned from that experience that you have to maintain a healthy diet while working out. I learned that you can’t just throw yourself into exercising like crazy just when the period cramps start getting bad. I didn’t consult a physiologist, personal trainer, and/or a nutritionist to assist with this. But, then I remembered my dance teacher talking to me after I had first menstruated. I remember her encouraging me to partake in the class, while reminding me to eat. I don’t remember exactly quote she told me, but I remembered in that moment.

In the end, this post was supposed to happen in August to go along with the food post I did in July. But, the month of August got away from me. Anyway, exercising is a wonderful thing that I found to help counteract the pain that comes with a period. But, I also learned that doing too much too soon can be bad. Keeping up with exercising while menstruating can feel like a chore. Most of the time I don’t want to exercise, I just want to go home and eat cheese puffs. But, I give myself a pep talk and continue on only to feel better afterwards.


IMG_8898I did not intend to take the month of August off from blogging. But, what canĀ  I say, life got in the way. My sister got married on Saturday, so this month was filled with: planning, anticipation, dress fittings, scheduling appointments and final wedding prep. Thankfully, all went well on Saturday.

August just flew by, not just with a wedding, but a family reunion. Yes, a family reunion. Every year my dad’s side of the family has a camp out. That took place the second weekend of August. Oh yes, it was a grand old time again between having a sangria contest, games, and a buffet, well we call it the Brush buffet. A family tradition like this I hope never goes away as there is just so much fun put into one weekend.

I guess you can say August 2019 is one for the books. There was laughter, tears, and joy that filled this month. Once things settle down and go back to normal (whatever that is) I hope to share more!

50 Years Ago: The First Lunar Landing

IMG_1603.JPGSpace travel is one filled with wonders that only a few people around the world have had the privilege of enjoying. Fifty years go the the first lunar landing happened when Neil Armstrong stepped off the Apollo 11 lunar module with Buzz Aldrin following. Above them Michael Collins orbited above them in the command module. Below them, millions cheered as Mission Control took a sigh of relief, celebration, and tears as they realized their goal was completed.

The journey to the Moon was not an easy one. There were many people who made sacrifices and put time and energy into making the historic moment on the moon happen. There were many people who doubted we could put a man on the moon. There were many accidents, tests, and near-misses that lead many people to doubt the mission of NASA. Never the less, the astronauts and thousands of people persisted to make their way to the Moon.

IMG_1616.JPGThere is nothing like watching a historic moment that generations will talk about over and over again. I wasn’t alive back in 1969 to watch the historic moment Neil Armstrong said,”That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind.” But, they have been heard throughout time inspiring generations to explore what is out there beyond Earth.

This whole week television stations, newspapers, and ceremonies went on to honor the Apollo 11 astronauts. The journey to the Moon happened to the delight of people around the world. The Moon landing is one that won’t be forgotten as Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins go down in history. But, not forgetting those on the ground who ensured they made it to and from safely.

Food, Food, Food

IMG_9612.JPGAh yes, food one of the many things people love. No one can live without food. However, when I am experiencing PMS and I am menstruating I feel my eating habits change. Yes, this is another post part of the period series.

Whenever I am encountering PMS and my period I find myself craving double bacon cheeseburgers with pickle and onions, buffalo chicken pizza, and shrimp tacos with black beans, avocados, and rice, and of course chocolate. Whenever I feel like I cannot get enough of these I know that my period is right around the corner. Unfortunately, my cravings aren’t too healthy.

IMG_9985.JPGYup, period cravings for junk food, at least for me, are the worst. After I eat one too many burgers I feel sick and bloated. Yes, I know that being bloated is part of having a period, but it feels different. I find it hard at times to resist all of my cravings during this time. At times I do find it easier to give in and have at least one burger, pizza, and/or taco. Not at the same time, but it does help.

I find ways to keep healthy when I am experiencing these cravings by eating fruits and vegetables and well balanced meals. I find going to the gym, yoga, walking, and swimming in the summer as a way to help take my mind off what I am craving. While, I do watch television, at times I get up during commercial breaks in order to avoid one that feature fast food restaurants like McDonalds and Burger King and chain restaurants like Red Lobster and Pizza Hut.

I believe that one of the toughest things, other than cramps and feeling sick, is dealing with food while menstruating. I am not saying to avoid burgers, pizza, tacos, and other junk food during your cycle, but trying to find ways to lessen the cravings and have a healthy diet during your period is important. Personally, I believe that it is okay to give into your cravings every once and a while. Trust me, I don’t know what I would do with out bacon cheeseburgers, shrimp tacos, and buffalo chicken pizza and chocolate. But, my cravings during PMS and my period tend to get a little out of control leading to a need for a little bit of control over what I eat.

75 Years Ago Today


75 years ago today Operation Overlord started in Normandy, France. The day, known as D-Day, happened on June 6, 1944. This invasion marked the beginning of the end of the Nazi tyranny in Europe when brave men from: The United States, The United Kingdom, and Canada stormed the beaches by air and sea. Many of them did not survive the first day. Around the world there were memorial services for the men who gave their lives this day seventy-five years ago. There are videos and photos of D-Day Veterans returning to Normandy to for these services and to visit their fallen brothers in arms in the cemeteries. June 6, 1944 is a day that continues to live on as the men who gave their lives are not forgotten.

Stuffed Portabello Mushroom Recipe

MushroomTonight I decided to make stuffed mushrooms for dinner. I was googling Stuffed Portabello Mushroom recipes. However, I found that I didn’t have all the ingredients from different recipes. So, I decided to make up my own!


3 eggs (beaten)

3/4 cup bread crumbs

1/2 Tbs garlic powder

1/4 cup olive oil

3 T Parsley

4 Portabello Mushrooms

Salt and Pepper

1 cup Monterey Jack cheese


Preheat oven to 450 degrees. While oven is preheated grease a cooking pan. Remove stems from mushrooms, then place them in the pan. Sprinkle the salt and pepper in the mushrooms. Put the mushrooms in the oven for 20 minutes.

While mushrooms are roasting mix: garlic powder, parsley, eggs, olive oil, and bread crumbs. When the mushrooms are done roasting spread the mixture in the mushrooms evenly. Then place back in the oven on 350 for five minutes.

After this, sprinkle the Monterey Jack cheese on top of the mushrooms. Place back in oven heated on 350 degrees for five minutes. Then eat and enjoy. But, don’t forget to turn the oven off!!!

In the Blink of an Eye


The month of May has been a busy one for me. This is a mere update on the month of May that has flown by in the blink of an eye. I’ve been meaning to write more and keep you guys updated, but the months lately have a way of just flying by.

On the bright side, Spring is ending and Summer is starting. With everything I have going on this Summer, I am sure it will go by quickly. My younger sister is getting married the end of August. So, your’s truly has been planning a bachelorette weekend and filling in all the jobs the Maid of Honor has. Recently, my mom threw a bridal shower for her. Not that it is taking up most of my time, but it is a lot of work.

This upcoming Summer is filled with plans of joy and fulfillment. Between my sister getting married, a family trip to Arizona, and just enjoying the joy summer has to offer I don’t think I will be slowing down any time soon.

I do plan on returning to write another post as part of the period shaming. I am not sure what yet. To be honest I thought it would be easier, but I found that doing research and hearing voices from young girls around the world who deal with shaming on a daily basis takes time. I do hope to keep writing and being more active on here once things slow down.

The Right to an Education

IMG_2394.JPGThe month of April slipped away from me. I have been meaning to write this post after doing some research for some time. I do admit, I had trouble with coming up with the name for this article. This next post focuses on going to school while menstruating. Over here in the United States of America, young woman and girls are encouraged to go to school even when they are menstruating, but in some parts of the world they are encouraged to stay home.

Early on in my research I came across an article about a twelve year old girl in India who had committed suicide in 2017 following period shaming. This young girl had just started to menstruate leading to her clothes being stained. Unfortunately, the teacher decided to point this out in front of her entire class. The humiliation and embarrassment this young girl felt caused her to take her own life.

IMG_2393.JPGWhen I was in middle school there is only one time where it comes to mind when a leak happened in a classroom. I remember my fellow classmate returning to school the next day. But, everyone in my grade knew what had happened. “So and so had her period all over her chair,” is what was said among my classmates for the rest of the school week. I remember I had a class in the same room that she was just in. The janitor was inside cleaning up the chair while my class entered. It wasn’t until lunch when everyone had found out what had happened. Everyone knew her name. I felt bad for her as having a leak in middle school was the worst thought on my mind. But, never the less she returned to school the next day and for the rest of the year.

The thought of being encouraged to miss a week of school because of a normal bodily function is horrifying to me. There is no reason a girl should be forced to feel ashamed because of her period, whether it leaks or not. When reading up on period shaming in India, there are some parts where young girls are dropping out of school because they can’t keep up with the work. They don’t receive past a middle school education because they fall behind. Education for women is something that has been fought in various countries across different eras. The right to an education is a birth right, nothing more nothing less.

IMG_2389.JPGKnowledge is power, a strong notion that has been shared for years. Young women and girls are being encouraged to not receive the knowledge they crave. Sadly, they are encouraged not to go to school. The thought that a young girl, even wearing a sanitary product, to be considered unclean and dirty among her classmates mortifies me. There is no reason a young woman and girl should feel ashamed to go to school, even when she is menstruating.



Chhaupadi links


In my last post I wrote about Chhaupadi, the ritual in Nepal where women are forced to live in a hut while they are menstruating. For some reason I had trouble posting the links the articles and videos I had looked at for research.

Please note: I do not own any of this material. This is just a smidgeon of what I looked at for the article and future ones. The ownership belongs to those who posted.