Music Monday: Kesha

Kesha with various colors painted on her face and neck.

I won’t be around on Monday to do my blog post for Music Monday, so Friday or FriYay according to the internet it is. A couple of years ago singer Kesha found her career at a stand still when she stood up for herself. After many hardships she made it back to music with her new hit song “Praying” off her new album Rainbow. Through her many lyrics on this upcoming album you can hear a woman being reborn after a terrible experience. In her previous albums Kesha has been able to prove herself to be a popular performer with songs like “Tik Tok” and “Die Young”. Never the less, Kesha’s career is not slowing down after, instead it is picking right up where she left off.

Keto Fest

Image result for Fathead movieKeto Fest took place in New London, Connecticut on weekend of July 15th, 2017. This was something I have never heard of before, but after my night at the Garde Arts Center I quickly learned about the new found diet. The Keto diet is a way of eating where there are minimal carbohydrates and a lot of meat and dairy products.

However, this was a different type of event at the Garde Arts Center. There were many people waiting outside to be let into see the two movies that were going to be shown. There were people of all ages, with some people coming as far as Australia to this special event. The words free admission seemed to do well with some of the locals.

Before entering the theater, some patrons stopped and looked at advertisements for PJ Masks and Gordon Lightfoot. The future shows seemed to spark an interest about the Garde Arts Center. Before the show many patrons were asking about the history of the Garde. They were not turned away with house manager Sharon Hathaway telling the story of how the Garde came to be back in the 1920’s as a movie palace to today.

Image result for The Widowmaker movieOnce the lights flickered two of the organizers of Keto Fest came on stage to give a word of welcome and tell a few Keto jokes. After announcing the films The Widowmaker and Fat Head and a fifteen minute break in between the documentaries began with The Widowmaker. Many members of the audience seemed to connect with the film as afterwards there was a small talk out in the lobby regarding heart disease.

After the short break the movie Fat Head began regarding a man who went on a diet where he only ate fast food for a month and lost weight. This film brought out some laughter with jokes among the crowd. When the film ended the audience trickled outside to go home in the evening. Some people were checking out the table where Keto Products were going to be sold the next day as part of the festival, while others talked about the movie.

There was much to learn from my experience at Keto Fest held in New London, CT. At the Garde Arts Center in New London, CT there were many people from far and near who came to learn more about this new way of living. After the night ended, some people spoke about how their life had changed wanting to start the diet for themselves. The Keto diet is one that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.


Image result for missoula children's theatre cinderellaOne of the many things I love about the Garde Arts Center in New London, Connecticut is their inclusion of children in the local community. One July 15, 2017 this was proven with Missoula Children’s Theatre production of Cinderella. From Missoula, Montana this traveling theater company works with many different children of all ages around the country. Once again they come to the Garde Arts Center for another production.

There was much excitement at the Garde for this event to take place. The directors were wearing name tags in order to identify themselves to parents who might have questions. In the lobby with advertisements for Garrison Keilor and Michael McDonald was filled with parents anxious to see their child on stage, some for the first time.

Carrying flowers and balloons they entered the theater, but not before taking a photo of their child on the call board they had set up. Once inside they were treated to renaissance music with a stage set with purple and blue curtains all set to go for the production. Many parents, family, and friends were reading the orange program, on the back some family members had posted a congratulations to the young cast members.

Before some of the parents entered inside several of them checked out the mural the children had drawn hanging on the concession stand. The mural containing several pumpkins, glass slippers, crowns, and cats was a hit as they waited patiently to order something to eat or drink. When the time finally came for the show to start everyone headed into the theater.

Once the lights dimmed, Shane Valley welcomed the audience to the show. After thanking the audience for their participation in this special event the show began. With the classic tale of Cinderella as a hit among the audience with singing pumpkins, a troupe of beggars, and a couple of town “criers” there was nothing short of entertaining the crowd.

Once the classic tale ended the cast gave a bow with the director Joshua Wood giving a bow. Explaining to the audience that the cast of sixty two children were given all of a week to learn lines, sing music to the accompaniment, and be prepared for the show all in one week many applauded. After thanking Emily Nan Phillips, the assistant director who was in character the entire time as Patches, a poor beggar, the lights came on.

Once the cast had finished taking their photo together in costume many parents, family, and friends rushed to take their own with a child in the cast. With many flowers and balloons being given out as congratulations to the young cast brought magic and light into The Garde Arts Center in New London, CT.

Photo Friday


With the coming of the upcoming eclipse I chose this photo of a Christmas star decoration. I, like many others, are making the trip out to see the epic event that is on the mind of everyone right now. The total solar eclipse will be visible from various places in the Midwest, to be honest I can’t wait to see it.

Theater Thursday: My Fair Lady


Based upon George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion, My Fair Lady, brings us into wondrous musical. Following the story line of Eliza Doolittle and Professor Higgins as he works tirelessly to teach her to speak correctly. With classics like “The Rain in Spain” and “Poor Professor Higgins” we watch as Eliza goes from a street urchin selling flowers to a woman of society.

Theater Thursday: Pygmalion

Image result for pygmalion play

One of George Bernard Shaw’s well known play’s today is Pygmalion. Following flower girl Liza as she works to make herself a living in a higher place. Knowing that she is looked down on by many due to her status, Liza finds help with Mr. Higgins a speech pathologist. Higgins only looks at Liza as a project until he falls in love with her. However, Liza starts to feel as though she is unwelcome and leaves him causing him to realize who she is too late.

Read It Wednesday: My Sweet Audrina

MySweetAudrina.jpgV.C. Andrews brings us into the terrifying life of Audrina Adare in My Sweet Audrina. Audrina Adare is kept from the world around her. Named after her sister who was raped and murdered in the woods her mother and father forbid her from leaving the family grounds. Sadly, tragedy strikes leading Audrina to explore the outside world that she has been kept from with the help of Arden, who eventually becomes her husband. However, with a overprotective father and vindictive cousin Audrina begins to learn that there is something about her that was kept from her all of her life.

Read It Wednesday: Flowers in the Attic

Dollanganger01 FlowersInTheAttic.jpgV.C. Andrews created a master in family ties gone wrong in a Gothic horror style book. Flowers in the Attic follow the four Dollanganger siblings as their seemingly perfect life takes a terrible turn. When their father dies, their mother takes them to live with their grandmother. However, their grandmother is cruel and vicious as she disowned their mother for marrying their father. The four children learn that they must live in the attic until their grandfather passes away. But, as time goes on, the two oldest Cathy and Chris, start to suspect that there is something more sinister when their mother becomes more distant than ever before.

TV Tuesday: Breaking Bad

A green montage with the name "Breaking Bad" written on it—the "Br" in "Breaking" and the "Ba" in "Bad" are denoted by chemical symbols

There are many TV Shows that will be remembered for a long time. One of those shows is Breaking Bad following a science teacher who turns to selling and producing meth in order to pay for his medical bills. With the high cost of medicine for his lung cancer, Walter White joins forces with this former high school student Jesse Pinkham for all the wrong reasons. What was supposed to assist him in paying for medical bills quickly turns into a life of crime for Walter leading to their being a sense of danger around every corner for everyone whom he and Jesse care about.

TV Tuesday: Lost

The word Lost in white lettering on a black background.

Strangers from all walks of life find themselves depending on each other when a plane crash leaves them stranded on an abandoned island. The only problem is the island has more secrets beneath the surface. Trying to make it home to their loved ones they ban together to make it through life changing decisions, love, and terror around every corner when they discover there were people their before them. The survivors struggle with more than they bargained for when some fights turn deadly all in the attempt to make it home.