The Joy of Laughter

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“Laughter is the best medicine.” is a common phrase that I have heard through out my life. When ever I am feeling down or sad and need a laugh. I think of certain things that make me laugh, such as minions, Olaf, Tigger, Grumpy Cat, and Perry the Platypus. Or simply play the “glad game”. This game has come out of one of my favorite books by Eleanor H. Porter as a child as well as movie, by Walt Disney Studios starring Hayley Mills as Pollyanna.

In the story Pollyanna a young orphan girl is sent to live with her cynical aunt in a community where there is not a lot of laughter or joy. Pollyanna plays the “glad game” as a way of cheering her up. The game was thought up by her father, who came up with the idea from his daughter receiving a pair of crutches instead of a doll. They played the glad game and realized that it was a good thing that they did not need the crutches. However, towards the end of the story, she has an accident and is paralyzed from the waste down. In the book she is hit by a car and in the movie she falls off the roof. When this happens the town, as well as her aunt, realize how important the blonde girl who is full of smiles means to them. They come together as a town and pay her a visit. At this time she is not happy, and depressed because of the accident. But, when Pollyanna sees how many lives she has touched, she gains her confidence back heads on her way to get her legs fixed so she can walk again. At the end of the book she is able to walk across the room.

Eleanor H. Porter created the story of Pollyanna and the story has left me feeling happy when I am down. The meaning of life is shown through Mrs. Snow. She is a character who wants is shown to be in bed most of the time. In the movie there is a scene when Pollyanna walks in her bedroom, when she is picking out her coffin. Pollyanna became infuriated towards the end of the meeting telling her that she should be glad that she is living and not dead. This final phrase touches Mrs. Snow as she becomes progressively kind throughout the movie towards her daughter Millie as well as others. The story of Pollyanna shows that one person can make a difference on someones life.

Many other things make me smile, whether it be the minions from Despicable Me going on some crazy mission for Gru or Olaf the singing snow man from Frozen singing about how fun summer will be. There are many things that one can make one laugh. Then there is the song from The Sound of Music, My Favorite Things, that teaches one to list off the things that they like to make them smile. Grumpy Cat saying no to everything and Perry the Platypus stopping Dr. Doofenshmirtz from taking over the tri-state area in a comical way in Phineas and Ferb.

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Je Suis Charlie

The Charlie Hebdo shooting has left a sad mark on me. Journalists every day are persecuted against for voicing their opinions. Last week Muslim extremists decided to take matters into their own hands by shooting and killing twelve journalists and cartoonists at the magazine. Many around the world offered their condolences to France and the family. However, some of the remarks towards Islam I found saddening. Not all Muslims are TERRORISTS! This is something that has to be reminded from time to time. “The culprits behind this atrocity have violated every Islamic tenet of compassion, justice, and peace,” the vice president of the U.S. Ahmadiyya Muslim Community stated.

As a hopeful journalists, I found this shocking. Many people have stated that freedom of speech is a civil right. Journalists are able to expose the truth, even if the truth does not want to be heard. Although, Charlie Hebdo is a satirical magazine and posted things about Islam and Christianity that are not true, the truth is something that needs to be heard. When the truth becomes exposed then it is our job to hear what these people have to say. The old saying the pen is mightier than the sword is powerful for the people of France and journalists every where right now. With a pen the word can be widespread over night with the knowledge that people can hear the voice of the people. Journalists have the power to give the people their voice, even in a time when they think their voices cannot be heard.

In France their have been numerous marches and demonstrations people stating that they are not afraid of those who want to take away their voice. These demonstrations are touching with the current survivors of Charlie Hebdo taking part. These survivors have stepped out into the spotlight in the demonstration in Paris, France to show that they are not afraid. In the photo below, columnist Patrick Pelloux and cartoonist Luz, survivors of the attack, stand with the relatives of those who had perished in the attack.

World leaders had attended the march that had taken place in Paris today. The leaders all come from different backgrounds of religion, ethnicity, and race. Together they stood side by side with France to show the world that they are not afraid.

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