Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the things that I have added to my diet lately is apple cider vinegar. Although the vinegar does not taste good. When I take a teaspoon and put in my mouth I get this tingling feeling all over my body. My face scrunches up, as my mind thinks “blech”. However, since I have added apple cider vinegar into my diet, I have noticed that I have felt healthier. Since starting this my sinuses have gone down and my stomach has felt better. Stomachaches are something that I have had trouble with since my teens. Whether it be from eating to much or nerves, I noticed that the vinegar has made it feel better.

I wanted to know why I was feeling much better after I began using apple cider vinegar. I found a website that gave fifteen reasons why. Although, I am not drinking this vinegar for all the reasons that are listed on the web page, many of the reasons are why I feel better in my daily routine. I have the web page posted below and I recommend you look at the page.

I know that drinking apple cider vinegar is not for everyone. I would suggest going to a doctor or health care provider before consuming. I even asked my doctor about what apple cider vinegar can do for me. She responded that there are many uses for apple cider vinegar can a natural alternative to certain things, like removing teeth stains and as a after shave. The website that I found has answered many of the things that my doctor has said. The fact that my doctor had said the same thing as this website made me realize how apple cider vinegar is a wonderful thing to be used.

Adding apple cider vinegar into my diet is one of the best things that I have done. It has helped me feel more happy and healthy on a daily basis. In the website below there is a list of uses that apple cider vinegar is used for. However, if you are thinking about adding it into your diet and have questions, I suggest you go to your doctor or health care provider and ask them. A website cannot answer everything. Enjoy and drink up!