The Importance of a Memory Box

Last night, I had dinner with my family at my grandparents. At the end of our pizza filled meal, my grandmother informed my parents that she had a gifts for my sister and I. After we cleaned up we headed into the living room. There she gave my sister and I two Ralph Lauren boxes. When we received them we were overjoyed thinking that there was something fancy in them from Ralph Lauren. However, when we opened them we found something better. Inside were mementos from when my sister and I were in high school. There were programs from graduation, tickets and playbills from shows that I had worked on, chorus concert programs, a Christmas ornament, and shows that we had seen together. Inside the box was a note from them letting us know that these things they will always hold close to their hearts and thanking us for the joy we had brought into their lives.

These two wonderful grandparents are not biologically related to us, but they have always loved me as a granddaughter. I count myself very luck to have this set of grandparents in my life because they had brought me joy as well. The used to have a boat and in the summer time they used to take my sister and I to Watch Hill and Block Island. My family spends every Christmas Eve at their house at a party. They watched my sister and I when my parents would take vacations and they would take us to the beach where we would spend time building sand castles. There are many memories that have been made from them. My Grandma Anita and Grandpa Russ are two wonderful grandparents who have accepted my family as their family. I look forward to many memories with them as I continue to grow.

The reason why a memory box is important to me because there are many memories from the past that I can carry on into the future. Going through this box there are many memories that come up. These memories I don’t just share with them, but other people as well. The fact that my ¬†grandmother had kept these things makes me happy because I had thrown some of them out or they just got lost in a clutter of things. But, I have them now, and hopefully will hold on to these dear treasures for a long time.