Alice Cullen

I know that Twilight is a bit controversial in showing that there are good female role models. However, I feel that Alice Cullen is an amazing example for girls to look up to. Through out the series at parts Alice was able to take the lead when she needed to. For example, when the Cullens were in danger, Alice decided to go on a dangerous trek through the world to try and stop the Volturi from tearing her family apart. She chose to let them think she left them for good, when in reality she left to help them. Alice, to me, is a good female role model for her choice to play by her own rules when it comes down to assisting her family in times when hope seems lost.

The 151 Fictional Female Characters (I believe) Girls and Women should look up to!

One of the big problems I have today is that many people say that there are no good female characters for girls to look up to. I realized that this is a problem for women as well. There are fictional characters that women can look up too that are meant for women, not little girls. I hope within the next couple of months I am able to prove that there are good role models out there for both girls and women to help show that there is hope out there.

At this moment I do intend on doing one of real life women and girls in the future. I am not sure if I am going to do one for men and boys seeing as I am not one, but I do plan on looking into it. The only problem is that the men and boys list would be done from a female perspective and not a male one.

Although the list will not be posted everyday, hopefully, with in the next couple of months I will show that there are good female role models out there for both women and young girls.