Giving God a Chance

“The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand; repent and believe in the gospel.” Mark 1.15

I was going to save this post until tomorrow. Unfortunately, it is related to the homily that my priest had presented in church tonight. In the Gospel that was shared in church the phrase “Repent and believe in the gospel” was said. The priest had decided to go on about how there are people who cheat, cut corners, and bully others. He asked us what would Jesus do in this situation. He reminded us that Jesus would turn the other cheek and stand up for what was right. By joining in the crowd and following in the crowd you are not doing the right thing. But by standing up to that bully and telling coworkers that they are in the wrong you are doing the right thing. You are not partaking in wrongful activity that is already in play. Instead you are doing the right thing by standing up for yourself.

It is not always easy to stand up for what is right in the world that we live in today. By repenting and believing in the gospel you are already giving God and his son Jesus Christ a chance. They call to us every day to follow in them, however, we do not always hear His call. As a girl who was raised Catholic, I did not always understand the importance of trusting in God. When I grew older I began to realize that God sent his son down to save the world from sin. Jesus was crucified and sacrificed himself for the sins of the world. God calls on us to see what Jesus had not done just for me but for the world around me. As Lent is rapidly coming up, I plan on doing some posts about Catholicism, God, Jesus, and the wonders they have done for me and the people around me.

#149 Rose DeWitt (Dawson)

Everyone pretty much knows the movie Titanic directed by James Cameron. The film is a love story about a upper class girl Rose and a lower class boy Jack as they meet on the ill fated voyage and fall in love. Rose is supposed to marry a wealthier man due to the fact that her family is broke, so they need the money. As you can probably guess by now Rose does not end up marrying the wealthy man. In the end she breaks from the family so she can lead a life of her own. There are pictures of her horse back riding and getting of an airplane at the end of her movie by her bed. I don’t want to reveal to much for those who have not seen the movie and do not know about the ending. However, in the scheme of things, Rose ends up living the life that she wants to lead, not the one that her family had laid out for her.

Tea for Thought

I was wondering about what to blog about today. I looked at the warm drink right next to me and thought that it would be a wonderful thing to write about. Tea is one of my favorite things to drink. Currently, I am drinking decaffeinated tea which is much better than the caffeinated one. I feel much better after drinking decaff tea than I do caffeinated tea.

Tea does have it’s healthy side affects. I remember being a child and my dad giving me tea to drink when I was sick. At the time I did not care for tea, however, as I grew older I began to realize that tea does taste good and that it helps me calm down for some reason. Recently, tea has been the one thing keeping me warm in the morning, since living in the northeast comes with cold winters.

I found a website that lists many of the healthy side effects that all different types of tea’s have. I preferably enjoy green tea. Green tea has been proven to help with the prevention of a certain cancers, such as breast, pancreatic, bladder and lung. It also has been shown to prevent clogging of the arteries and counteract oxidation stress on the brain. Black tea has been shown to prevent the lungs from damage caused by smoke. White tea has more anticancer cancer properties than other teas. Oolong and Pur-erh tea can help with cholesterol levels.

 But also to be cautious of certain things that are in tea and not to drink to much of it. Unfortunately, for me and tea lovers every where, tea can have things in it that can not be beneficial to health. In particular, black tea is the tea is high in caffeine and can be dangerous to anyone’s health if they drink to much. When drinking tea there can be a reasonable high amount of herbs that can lead to health problems such as liver and kidney damage. Some tea can be high in willow bark and germander.

However, these side effects aside nutritionist have said to drink up and enjoy the health benefits that come with tea. “You want to incorporate healthy beverages in your diet on a more regular basis to benefit from these health-promoting properties,” says Diane L. McKay, PhD, a Tufts University scientist who studies antioxidants. “It’s not just about the foods; it’s about what you drink, as well, that can contribute to your health.” ( you would like to learn more about tea health benefits go to this website I tend to go to for questions about benefits of certain foods and beverages. I also would recommend talking to a doctor or health care provider about tea. So on that note drink up, but be aware of what is in your tea.