#148 Jessica Day

On the hit Fox comedy New Girl, Zooey Deschanel plays a young girl who had moved out of her boyfriends house when she discovered he was cheating on her. When she was looking places to stay she found an ad for a room in a apartment with three men. However, Jessica thought these men were women by how the ad was done. Jessica Day is a good role model to me because she was able to find her feet after heartbreak. In the first episode, there is a scene where she goes back to her ex-boyfriends house and takes all of her belongings. This made me respect her more becaust not that much time had passed since they had broken up. I think that Jessica Day is a good role model by just being herself in a world filled with cynics. She wears a lot of bright clothes adding a brilliant touch to her personality. She finds that there is always something good to look forward to when something bad happens. Therefore, Jessica Day is a good role model I believe women, as well as teenage girls, should look up to.