#147 Anita from West Side Story

Anita from the famous musical West Side Story is a beautiful role model. The loving girlfriend of Bernardo and loyal friend of Maria stands by her choice to live a better life in America than she would in Puerto Rico. The musical takes place during the 1950’s, so things were different back then. In the song America, Anita goes on to say about all the opportunities she has in New York City versus Puerto Rico. Despite Bernardo taking on her stating about how people are prejudice against them for not being born in America, she stands her ground and reminds him of the opportunities that America has that Puerto Rico does not.

Also, Anita stands by Maria when she decides to become Tony’s girlfriend. Tony is not an immigrant and was part of the Jets gang, a rival to Bernardo’s gang the Sharks. Unfortunately, their relationship is considered forbidden, so they have to runaway in order to have a life together. I won’t give too much away in case you haven’t seen West Side Story. But, all in all Anita is truly loyal and brave for standing up for friendship and recognizing the freedom she has in America versus Puerto Rico in the 1950’s.

Here is a link to watch America from the movie West Side Story (1961) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy6wo2wpT2k

2015 Blizzard

Snow! And plenty of it...

In case you have not heard there is a blizzard happening in New England right now. Today my mom did some last minute shopping for food and water, while my dad filled up gas cans. I also left for work an extra hour early because I needed to get gas in my car. Although with snow comes a huge clean up getting snowed in and hunkering down does have its perks. For example, getting to sleep in, doing nothing for a day, and eating all the yummy junk food.

The biggest downside to having a snow storm like this is losing power. The main reason for all the gas that my dad got was in order to make sure that we have enough to power the generator. In case of storms like this I would definitely recommend getting a generator because it keeps the power going, and that keeps the hot water for showers going. A generator may be loud, but it is definitely a good thing to keep in the house in case of bad weather or just a power outage over all. If you do have a generator please make sure that it is properly ventilated and read the instructions on how to start it or call a help line. Also, when you are out looking for a generator ask for suggestions on which one to get. As long as you have a safe place to put the generator, then look into stores for a good one.

So with that being said I won’t be going anywhere for a day or two due to the mass amount of snow that Connecticut, as well as the rest of the northeast, is set to get. By the way in the case of a storm please make sure you have water, food, batteries, flashlight, etc. You really don’t realize how much you depend on something until it is gone for a couple of days.

Honoring Christmas Year Round

Christmas Movies How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

The end of December, for me, means that the holidays are over and things are going back to the way they were. Christmas (right after Halloween) is my favorite holiday. It is too bad that it only comes once a year. The importance of Christmas is celebrating Christs birth and honoring why He came down to save us. Christ, for me, is a very important part of Christmas.

But, I do love the Christmas movies. So on the twenty-fifth of each month I watch a Christmas movie. By, watching a Christmas movie every twenty-fifth I am reminded the importance of Christmas and what Christ did for me. One of my favorite Christmas stories is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. At the end of the story Ebenezer Scrooge realizes his sin of avoiding and running away from Christmas because it created to much hurt for him. As we know, before this, there were the three spirits that had come to visit him that had showed him the wrong that he had done. For me A Christmas Carol does have a Christian meaning with it because of what Scrooge had realized through the spirits and Tiny Tim who famously said “God bless us everyone.”

Christmas movies that have a meaning surrounding Christs birth are not the only ones I watch. If you know me, then you know that I LOVE Home Alone and A Christmas Story. Don’t forget the Rankin Bass classics of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman. As well as the classics such as White Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street (the original). The list just goes on and on of all the Christmas films that I love! All of these movies remind me of family time during the holidays, as well as during the year. The holidays only come once a year but watching a Christmas movie on the twenty- fifth of each month make them seem closer and not so far away.