#145. Deloris Van Cartier/ Sister Mary Clarence

Sister Act film poster.jpg

In the hit comedy Sister Act there is a woman, portrayed by Whoopi Goldberg, who runs into some trouble and has to hide inside a convent. When Deloris Van Cartier becomes Sister Mary Clarence she is able to show no nonsense nuns that you can be religious and have fun at the same time. The head of the order was not very fond of her because of the fun that she had brought inside. I think that Deloris Van Cartier or Sister Mary Clarence is a good example because she was able to find a way of having fun even in the darkest hour. She found away to enjoy her time in a place where she didn’t belong. The nuns, eventually, came to accept her for who she is, not where she came from when the truth got exposed. All in all, Deloris stayed true to herself, even when she was being hunted down by a mob boss.

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