#143 Mary Poppins

I grew up loving Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins the magical nanny that came to the Banks house to take care of two unruly children. She stays until she decides that they don’t need her anymore. But, it is what Mary does that makes me look at her as a role model. She takes an unusual take on looking after Jane and Michael. She decides to give them a spoonful of sugar and teaches them about charity through the song “Feed the Birds”. Jane and Michael learn many things from Mary Poppins. She takes them out to the park where they go on a merry-go-round ride and participate in a animated hunt. I think that Mary Poppins had shown them that there is a way to make things fun when you are doing them. When they are cleaning the nursery, she shows them that there is always joy in what you do. Mary Poppins is a good role model because she was able to teach patience when it comes down to raising children. When things don’t go you way, well Mary Poppins usually finds a way.

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