#142 Lavinia Andronicus

In William Shakespeare’s first tragedy Titus Andronicus the main character Titus has a beautiful daughter named Lavinia. Lavinia is chosen by Saturninus to marry him. However, Lavinia is in love with her boyfriend Bassianus, Saturninus’s brother. She pleads with her father for him not to have her marry him. Titus goes with what Lavinia feels in her heart. Saturninus in turn marries Tamora who is out for blood against Titus for killing her two eldest sons.

Unfortunately, for Lavinia this means that she is the one who Tamora will start acting her revenge on. One day in the woods Lavinia and Bassianus run into Tamora’s lover Aaron who is with two younger sons Demetrius and Chiron. There they kill Bassianus and brutally rape Lavinia. To add to Lavinia’s torture they cut out her tongue and cut off her hands so she cannot say who did this to her. Titus, however, figures this out and has his revenge on Tamora with her two sons. Lavinia grows from this rape as a strong female character. Although she is dead inside she makes sure that Demetrius and Chiron get punished for what they did to her, at least that is what I believes. After what happened to Lavinia she finds a way to carry on with her life no matter how depressed she is. She still wants justice for what happened to and the tragedies that happened after. I feel that I have given too much a way, so I won’t comment on more about what happens to Lavinia and the rest of the cast at the end.

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