Celebrating Halloween All Year Round

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. Everything about it I love! From the ghost stories to horror movies to getting to dress up, it is just so fun. All of the activities that go with Halloween I participate in every year like a child. However, I do not go trick-or-treating anymore. Instead, I give out candy to all of the kids and watch Halloween movies. Unfortunately, with Halloween coming once a year on October 31st, I feel sad when it is over. So, like my Christmas movie tradition with watching a movie on the 25th of each month, I do the same with the last day of every month for Halloween. The reason why I do it the last day of each month is because some months don’t have thirty-one days in them. So tonight, I am spending some time watching a fun Halloween movie whether it be a scary one or a family fun one, they all make Halloween seem a little bit closer, even though Halloween is only nine months away.

P.S. Michael Myers is one of my favorite movie characters of all time.

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