#140 Maria Von Trapp

Most people have heard of Rodger’s and Hammerstein’s The Sound of Music. The famous musical about a nun in training sent to look after seven unruly children. When Maria first gets to the Von Trapp household she discovers that the Captain, the father of the children, runs his house like a military school. Once there the children start to play tricks on Maria. However, she gets the best of them and starts to teach them about music. The children start to warm up to Maria and begin to look at her as a mother figure. Maria starts to become conflicted on whether or not to stay with the Von Trapp family or become a nun. She leaves the household because she is in love with Captain Von Trapp. I believe she went back to the abbey because she was scared that she was turning her back on God. When she started to become a nun she made a promise with God. But, Mother Superior convinced her that she should go with her heart and know that God still loves her no matter what she chose. With that being said she returns to the Von Trapp household to the family’s delight. She becomes the mother and wife that the family has needed, while keeping her faith. All of those reasons are why I believe Maria Von Trapp is a good role model.

The reason why I put Maria Von Trapp in the fictional section is because I am doing it based on the musical version. The real Maria Von Trapp was different from the movie version and the musical in some ways. So, in my opinion there are two Maria Von Trapps, the real one and the fictionalized one.

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