Blogging 101: Ideal Audience

My ideal audience is a basic group of people through a newspaper. So, below I have written a movie critique on Avatar. I personally, did not enjoy the movie so here it goes.

Why I Think Avatar Sucked


Jennifer Brush

I remember being a sophomore in college and the biggest movie that just hit theaters was Avatar done by James Cameron. Many people had told me about how it is just like Dances with Wolves but with special effects. I had seen that movie and did not care much for it. However, hearing about how great this movie was on television and from reviews online I could not resist to see what this movie was about.

One night after classes were over and dinner was done my friend Megan decided that she wanted to go see the movie as well. My friend Casey was very interested in viewing the movie also. My other friend Kat who had seen the movie in 3-D already decided that she wanted to tag along. Hearing that a person who had already seen this movie wanting to see it again made me more excited to go and watch it. Luckily for us this movie was the 3-D version so we did not have to pay the extra money. The minutes going to the theater felt like hours. After getting to the theater and purchasing our tickets we sat down and took our seats. The previews were long and pointless to me because of all the excitement over this movie. Then the movie finally started.

At first I felt that it had started off slow getting into the mood of the film. Then the actors came on; the big break out actors that everyone was talking about. The first break out actor to appear in the film from who I can recall was Sam Worthington. None of the reviews had touched on his acting skills and I could see why. The acting was terrible done by him. All the other actors that were veterans and well known did fine. However, I could not figure out why James Cameron had decided to cast someone who could not act worth a darn in the lead character of Jake Sully. The fact that Sam Worthington’s acting was horrible took away most of the feeling of the film for me. It was obvious that there was a camera right there and that he was talking into right into it. There was no well use of the body and the voice. Given his character was a paraplegic and could not use his legs. But he could have used his upper body to add more to his character. Then there was the voice; his character is supposed to be depressed because he is in a wheelchair. The voice that he used as well as facial expressions showed that there was nothing really depressing about what had happened to the character of Jake Sully.

After the dialogue led into Jake Sully and Sigourney Weaver’s character Grace going into the simulator that would lead them into the world of Pandora. Once inside Pandora there were so many things that were visually stunning. The only good part of the film was the special effects and the imagination of James Cameron had come to life on screen. I began to realize why so many people were in awe of this film. It had nothing to do with the acting or the story line. Everything had to do with the special effects that had come with the film. Movie goers were introduced to the film about a paraplegic in a future society and magically he was able to walk again through this simulator. I began to get the feeling that the reviews were based on the inspirational story of Jake going through this journey and being able to find love with Neytiri portrayed by Zoe Saldana. Unfortunately it was the same story that had come from a movie that was made almost thirty years ago. The patrons who had come to see this film had neither seen, heard of, or forgotten about the plot of Dances with Wolves. The visual effects immediately took the viewers away from how terrible of a rip off this movie was.

The movie just dragged on and on. When the movie was finally over we all left and I could not wait to get back to my dorm and go to bed. All of my friends are raving about how wonderful the movie is. When they asked me about my thoughts on the movie I told them I thought it was horrible. They looked at me in shock. They proceeded to ask me why, so I told them about how I thought the lead actor was terrible and the story was a rip off of a movie made more than twenty years ago. They seemed floored about my critique of the biggest blockbuster of all time.

The next day I decided to ask around about Avatar. Almost everyone said that they loved the film for its visual effects not for the story. For a class I decided to write a review of the movie; so I did and read the review in front of the class the next day. After reading my review in front of the class, I looked around and noticed that everyone except one student and the professor disagreed with me. My professor decided to ask me why I wanted to see the film in the first place. So, I had explained to him why. When he heard my explanation he understood what I was talking about. He had agreed with me after I had explained to him why I did not care for the movie. The fellow student agreed with what I had stated about the movie because she had fallen into the same trap that I did when seeing this movie. She explained that she had the same problem that I had with the movie. She was able see right through the computer generated images that were presented to her as a rip off. She had agreed with me on the acting that was done by ‘break out’ actor Sam Worthington. Hearing other people agree with me on my critique of the movie made me happy because I was not the only one who was deluded into this poorly acted movie. I proceeded to go online and found out that many people had agreed with me on how terrible of a film Avatar was.

Avatar was not a movie that was deserving of all the things accolades and rave reviews that it had received. In my opinion this movie was one of the worst films ever created based on a poor story and one terrible actor. Given there was only one bad actor in this film, but it was good enough to ruin the biggest film of 2010.

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