#137 The March Sisters

In Louisa Alcott’s Little Women we are introduced to four young women growing up in the post-Civil War era. Jo, Beth, Amy and Meg are the March sisters who face trying times that had affected their lives. These four girls are known as the “Original All-American Girls” by some people. Each girl has their own way of being themselves, while keeping to the regular duties that was expected of girls in that era.

We have Meg who runs the household, but, when the story goes on we learn that Meg is actually smarter than she looks when she becomes the governess for a wealthy family. We see Meg evolve into a women of maturity and strength. Then there is Jo, probably the one who is most known throughout the book. Jo has a love for reading and writing. She has written plays that are acted out by her siblings. She has a strong personality which we see evolve later on in the book. Followed by Beth, who has a quiet personality. She is shown later on to not wanting to leave home, but she enjoys the life that she has. She uses her quiet influence in the house as a way of being able to get things done on time in an orderly fashion. Last but not least is Amy, the youngest of the March sisters. The artist of the family never lets her art drifts far from her personality. Although, Amy is the one that is most self-centered of the girls she evolves into a young woman who makes strives in art for self expression rather than profit.

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