Wear Red Day

Today at work wearing red was highly recommended among coworkers for a very important reason. On the first Friday in February it is National Wear Red Day to raise awareness for heart disease and stroke in women. I believe that heart disease affects both men and women equally, even though today is dedicated for women. You don’t have to be a bad person to be affected by these diseases. For those who have survived heart disease and stroke know the toll that it can take on not just their lives, but for those who are around them. Fighting heart disease and strokes, as well as raising awareness is something that is important to me because you don’t know whether it will affect you or someone who you care about. So, I looked up a couple of facts on how to prevent heart disease and stroke. A lot of them were pretty repeated each other.

Monitor your blood pressure: Since high blood pressure has no symptoms it is a good idea to get it checked at a doctors office, pharmacy, and/or home.

Get your cholesterol checked: At least once every five years you should be getting your cholesterol checked. Talk with your health care professional about tests for cholesterol.

Work with your healthcare team: By getting a check-up once a year with a doctor you are already taking the first step to preventing heart disease and stroke. A doctor can catch something early. However, if you are feeling unwell, then going to the doctor or health care professional is one of the best ways to prevent any form of disease getting worse.

Don’t Smoke: As I learned in school, as well as others who are my age, that smoking is bad for your health. By smoking you are already increasing your chance of heart disease.

Here are the links that I used for finding the info up above. http://www.cdc.gov/Features/HeartMonth/ and http://www.webmd.com/stroke/tc/stroke-prevention

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