Totally Awesome 80’s Day

This past Friday, at my job we were not encouraged only to wear red, but dress up in eighties fashion. So, this past week, I spent time at the local Wal-Mart comprising an outfit for the day. I got a red tank top, an over size pink shirt, spandex leggings with animal print, ankle socks, keds, a scrunchy,and an oversize belt. Just to say this spandex and keds do not mix with below freezing temperatures. At my job there were slap bracelets and buttons being handed out for employees to wear. Needless, to say it was a fun day. I found that putting together an outfit for the eighties is not as hard as some people may think. In fact, if you just look around your house you can probably find some things that can be formed into a perfect eighties outfit.

80's Flashback fashion colorful vintage outfit eighties 80's new wave

Also, prepping for the day I watched many movies and TV shows that took place in the eighties such as Murder She Wrote and Sixteen Candles. Many other people had dressed up like myself. The eighties are a fun decade to recreate. If you are throwing a totally awesome eighties party, then going on pinterest is one of the sites that I find are always useful for these things. This is where I found most of my costume ideas. I find as a useful source of ideas on how to make things, cook good recipes, and find ideas for home decor. Pinterest is by far one of my favorite sites.

#135 The Women of Friends

In the hit sitcom Friends there are three women who come out as good female role models. The show about six friends, three men and three women making their way through life in the 1990’s in New York City. Chandler, Ross, Joey, Rachel, Monica and Phoebe are all in their mid-twenties who have their struggles with every day life, while finding time to accomplish their dreams. Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe are fantastic role models for young women in my opinion.

At the beginning of the show we are introduced to Rachel Green. Rachel being a daddy’s girl always lived off her father and was planning on getting married for money. But, when she realized that she was marrying a man for selfish reasons she left him at the alter. Through out the series we see Rachel go from a little lost daddy’s girl to an executive at Ralph Lauren. Rachel learns that most things in life do not come to you on a silver platter. She starts working as a waitress in the coffee shop, Central Perk, where she makes next to nothing. When she does end up getting a job in fashion, she eventually works her way up from an assistant to a crazy boss at Bloomingdales all the way to Ralph Lauren. In episodes, we meet Rachel’s sisters, Jill and Amy. It is mentioned that Rachel is the one daughter that her father is only proud of. Rachel was able to show her family and old friends that she could make it on her own, when they thought she couldn’t. Rachel fully transforms her life through out the ten years we are introduced to her on friends.

Then there is Monica, the neurotic chef who makes things go her way. Monica has no problem making points about things, while staying true to herself. She has no problem calling out her friends on the mistakes that they have made. In the end, Monica makes sure that her friends and family are okay. Monica is the one who has run into some financial trouble and had to take some turns off the road to accomplishing her dreams. When she lost her job as head chef and ended up having to work at a fifties themed diner that she hated. Then along came Pete who offered her the job of a lifetime, only to turn him down. She does get hired at a Alessandro’s after giving a crappy review, where she stays for a while before getting a better job at Javu. The one thing that Monica always wanted was a family, she does start a family, I won’t share with who though.

Last but not least is Phoebe Buffay, the free spirit. Phoebe, the massage therapist who had a tough life following the death of her mother. She ends up living on the streets for most of her teenage years, but not giving up hope that she would one day do something better with her life. In the series, we learn that she is living with her grandmother. Phoebe has found that her friends are her family and stays true and faithful to them in her time of need. She makes the funniest points of how things go from one thing to another. Phoebe is the one that brings out the laughter from most of the group of friends due to her outwardly look on the world. To her things are not black and white, things are just gray. Phoebe does do many good things through out the series, such as giving up five-thousand dollars because she feels she does not deserve it or going all the way to find a man who wants to kill himself only to talk him out of it. Phoebe is the one friend that ends up surprising us the most of all through out the series, in my opinion.

Well there you have it! Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel are all women who found there way, while making it past a few bumps in the road. They were able to lean on each other as well as Ross, Joey and Chandler. Each one has their own story to tell, each one had their own dreams, and each one ended up making their life the way that they dreamed they would have it one day. After all your friends are always there for you.