Totally Awesome 80’s Day

This past Friday, at my job we were not encouraged only to wear red, but dress up in eighties fashion. So, this past week, I spent time at the local Wal-Mart comprising an outfit for the day. I got a red tank top, an over size pink shirt, spandex leggings with animal print, ankle socks, keds, a scrunchy,and an oversize belt. Just to say this spandex and keds do not mix with below freezing temperatures. At my job there were slap bracelets and buttons being handed out for employees to wear. Needless, to say it was a fun day. I found that putting together an outfit for the eighties is not as hard as some people may think. In fact, if you just look around your house you can probably find some things that can be formed into a perfect eighties outfit.

80's Flashback fashion colorful vintage outfit eighties 80's new wave

Also, prepping for the day I watched many movies and TV shows that took place in the eighties such as Murder She Wrote and Sixteen Candles. Many other people had dressed up like myself. The eighties are a fun decade to recreate. If you are throwing a totally awesome eighties party, then going on pinterest is one of the sites that I find are always useful for these things. This is where I found most of my costume ideas. I find as a useful source of ideas on how to make things, cook good recipes, and find ideas for home decor. Pinterest is by far one of my favorite sites.

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