#134 Sophie Neveu

Can you keep secrets? Can you hear a thing and never say it again? And puzzles and codes, I imagine they lay down to you like lovers. - The Da Vinci Code

In Dan Brown’s epic book The Da Vinci Code we are introduced to Robert Langdon, a symbologist who soon meets Sophie Neveu a cryptologist after a murder in the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. Sophie is the granddaughter of the man who is murdered, and when Robert is accused of murder she knows that he is not the one responsible. Taking her own life into her own hands she assists Robert in proving his innocence to the world. Sophie who is an orphan learns more about her life and where she really came from. In my opinion, Sophie is a perfect role model for young women because of her ability to use her knowledge when it is most needed. She doesn’t shy away from danger, instead she is known to run towards it when she knows a wrong must be corrected. In the book, as well as the movie, we see that Sophie is already a strong women who is independent and able to think for herself. She does not evolve into a strong women, as she already is there.

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