Why Cheaters Never Prosper

This past weekend I have been hooked the old 1980’s hit TV show Jem and the Holograms. Although, I was not alive to enjoy Jem and the Holograms during their original run on television, I thoroughly find the show entertaining. The plots involving car chases, danger, and just being able to make it on time keeps me on my toes at points, even though I have seen every episode multiple times. However, in each episode the plot usually involves a group of people, mainly their rival band The Misfits, causing trouble and trying to stop Jem and the Holograms at doing something great. The Misfits are the ones who are always causing trouble in the episodes. But the one thing that got me about them is that they almost always cheat at everything they do. In the end the Misfits end up losing at what they were hoping to get and Pizzazz, the lead Misfit, throws a fit.

Unfortunately, the one thing that the Misfits never learn is that cheaters don’t always get their way. Sometimes cheaters are able to get their way and not feel the pain of what they had done. But, at some point life usually catches up with the the person who cheated on what ever it is. For example, in an episode of Jem and the Holograms their is a scavenger hunt with a children’s literature theme, that is offered by a millionaire. At the end of the scavenger hunt the millionaire promises a treasure to be given out. Obviously, Jem and the Holograms enter with the Starlight Girls enter the scavenger hunt. The Misfits enter with three troublesome girls who they met on the street. With the help of their manager, Eric Raymond, and his henchman Techrat, the Misfits are hooked up with a radio earpiece that allows them to cheat. When the scavenger hunt began Pizzazz told the girls in her group that winning is everything. But, Jem assured the Starlight girls that it is more important to play by the rules rather than cheat. Along the way Pizzazz and her girls are moving along well because of the radio they are using; while Jem and the Starlight girls are getting through the scavenger hunt using their own brain. At one point one of Pizzazz’s girls ends up getting injured. Instead of helping her Pizzazz subtly tells the girls in her group to leave her and they will get help later. When Jem and the Starlight girls come across her they decide to help her to the finish line. Although, Jem had fallen behind, she was able to catch up leading to the final question. When the question was asked the girl who had fallen and gotten injured answered correctly. When Pizzazz and her group of troublesome girls rejoiced, their once fallen comrade reminded them that they abandoned her. The girl that had fallen decided to side with Jem and the Starlight girls, leading them to win. Throughout the series the Misfits, Eric Raymond, and the rest of their cronies never learn.

This episode, as well as the rest of the series, led me to think, “do cheaters ever learn”? The truth is that some learn over time. But some it seems to take a little longer. When I was in school there were times when a test was given out and a student was caught cheating. Obviously, when this happened the teacher would take action against the student such as: giving them a zero, detention, or the classic straight to the principals office. There were times when the parent would side with the teacher and punish their child. However, there were times when the parents blamed the teacher. When this happens I wanted what does the child have to gain by the parents blaming the teacher? Is it because they are a star athlete? Did they blame themselves? Did their child decide that playing video games is more important than their studies? When the parent blames the teacher and a debacle happens. The teacher has to defend their point, while the parents try to make their child look like an innocent victim. Having been out of high school for a while, some of these students that had cheated, I learned are not doing too well. Some of them learned their lesson the hard way when their parents punished them. Others learned their lesson when they were in college and they got caught cheating on an exam or perjury. Unfortunately, there are those who are still struggling to get by in the real world because they have yet to learn their lesson. The ones who have yet to learn their lesson, I hope one day will realize the error of their way.

The one question that I have for people who cheat and get away with it is; do they ever feel any guilt? Does the guilt ever catch up to them on what they had done. Whether it be on a person or on an exam, do they have trouble with getting through the day? I believe that everyone has a guilty conscious. Having a guilty conscious is the one thing that teaches us right from wrong. Or does the cheater feel satisfied with themselves for getting away with what they did? Do they feel like they have accomplished something great by stealing answers off someone? In my opinion, no matter how the cheater feels they end life ends up catching up with them. In the end the cheater ends up losing out on what life has to offer rather than gain it.

So, at the end of things, cheaters never get their way. Instead, they end up making things worse for them rather than better. Honesty and admitting you made a mistake is much better than trying to cover up for something wrong you did. Hopefully, in the end cheaters learn a lesson from the wrong they did.

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