#133 Laura Winslow

Kellie Shanygne Williams  Kellie Williams played the part of Laura Winslow on Family Matters. In more recent times she’s appeared in several movies including Steppin: The Movie and In the Mix, along with television series such as The Parkers and What About Joan

Back in the 1990’s we were introduced to Steve Urkel, the annoying geek who lived across from the Winslow family in Family Matters. Steve had an obvious crush on Laura Winslow. It was not until later when she entered into a relationship with him. Laura was an independent woman with her eyes set on law school. Throughout the series we see Laura excel in many things that show a girl can be smart and cool at the same time. Whether it be her hanging out with a boy that she has a crush on or hitting the books so she can achieve her dreams. There are parts in the series when we see Laura stand up for what she believes in, even if she is standing alone. We see Laura go from a hip teenager to a fashionable adult. If there is one thing that Laura Winslow is good at, then that is being a wonderful role model to young girls and women, even though she hit a few bumps in the road and learned her lesson.

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