Emma Woodhouse

In Jane Austen’s novel Emma we are introduced to Emma Woodhouse. This young spirited girl always says what is on her mind. Although she is slightly spoiled, she still shines through as a good female role model. The way that Emma does this is by telling people what is on her mind. She is compassionate to the poor when it is looked down on and she lacks discipline but is willing to learn. Throughout the novel, Emma tends to get in a bit of trouble, in the end she makes a difference in the lives of those around her. Such as when she talks her friend, Harriet, out of getting married to a man who she does not love or assisting her neighbor Jane in learning more about her beautiful music talent. Emma takes time to learn about others before judging and through that becomes a wonderful female role model for girls of future generations.

#132 Beatrice “Tris” Prior

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Going your own way is never easy. When Beatrice or Tris Prior chose to enter the Dauntless faction over her home faction Abnegation she knew that this would mean leaving her family behind. In Veronica Roth’s best selling Divergent trilogy we see Tris go from a girl who craved adventure and got just what she asked for. However, early on in the series we are told that Tris is divergent, hence the name of the series, and that she won’t fit into any faction. Tris is informed that she has to hide from people who are hunting divergents. When she chooses Dauntless, she is told constantly that she is foolish for choosing the faction that builds warriors and forces you to face your fears. Through the first book we see Tris go from the bottom of barrel to becoming a female warrior. Tris Prior is a good female role model because she chose how to live her life in her own way. She chose not to live by the rules and in the end freed herself.