#130 Elizabeth Swann

Elizabeth Swann Elizabeth Swann

In the hit movie series Pirates of the Caribbean we are introduced to the traditional damsel in distress. This damsel in distress does not care for the life she leads or the man who they want her to marry. So, when Elizabeth Swann got kidnapped in old fashioned damsel in distress way, she began to better herself for the life that she wants to lead. Once she is rescued the way the damsels are she starts to learn how to sword fight and defend herself. By the time that Elizabeth Swann’s journey on Pirates of the Caribbean ended she had gone from just a damsel in distress to a full on heroine. We see her lead pirates into battle when she becomes captain of a ship. We see her go the extra mile for saving Will Turner’s life. When she is asked to go on a dangerous journey to save those who she cares about, she says yes. Elizabeth Swann is definitely one damsel in distress to not be messed with.

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