A Right to Privacy

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This past weekend there was a story in the newspaper about rapper Iggy Azalea ordering pizza from Papa John’s. Sounds lame I know, but, the delivery guy decided to give out her number to his/her friends and family. With Iggy being known worldwide, ath the moment, this meant that she had to change her number. She went on a rant on twitter exclaiming her frustration with a picture of a text that someone had sent her. I would be as livid as her if the same thing had happened to me. This story got me thinking on how we treat celebrities in the world today. Why should they not be allowed the same privacy we are? Is it because they have a job doing what they love? Is it because we aspire to be just like them? Why should their kids be the one to pay the price? iggy azalea revolve clothing photos 2014 4 Iggy Azalea Serves Up 90s Chic for REVOLVE Clothing Summer Campaign

As far as I am concerned celebrities are allowed the same privacy as we are. The actors, actresses, singers, and models have the typical nine to five job like everyone else. The only difference is that people tune into the radio or turn on the television to watch them. Everyone knows what Julia Roberts and Iggy Azalea look like from all the work they have done. But they do love doing their job. That is the important part of all. Like the rest of us they have to get up in the morning and go to work. Their job schedule is probably different from other jobs, but they still have to do it. There is always rehearsals and changes that are done. When Iggy Azalea is preparing for a concert, she gets up and goes to rehearsal. Then she has some down time and has to go get her make up and costume on. When Julia Roberts is preparing for a filming a movie scene she gets the script and has to keep up with some changes that are made. The truth is, that celebrities as we call them, don’t have to different a life than we do.

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One difference is that their job comes with fans and a following. People look up to them. Some people even aspire to be like them and write to them. Some people have stated that watching them do something good makes them want to do more in the community. There is a commercial with Trace Adkins in it talking about the Wounded Warrior Project we feel warm inside. We forget that these people are human and see them as something different. The fact that Trace Adkins is avidly supporting the Wounded Warrior Project brings people into supporting the same thing. If you enjoy listening to Trace Atkins music and aspire to be more like him, then there is a chance that you will aspire to support the same project that he supports. Trace Atkins and the Wounded Warrior Project is just one example of how celebrities get people involved in charities. There are stories about them visiting children’s hospitals, terminal cancer patients, and fans around the world who sent something to them.

Wedding make-up look??? Lindsay Lohan

Unfortunately, there are those celebrities that do not set a good example. When these stories are published there is a lot of backlash heading there way from people The only problem is that they already have a fan following. When we hear about a socialite having a sex tape or a child star gone bad, we flock to these stories. I think the main reason we flock to them is because the average person won’t have the life that they have. Why is it so important we learn about how many DUI’s that Lindsay Lohan has had? In the town that I live in there is a newspaper that publishes the names of people who have gotten a DUI and there are times when the same name pops up more times. The only difference is that Lindsay Lohan is famous and most people know who she is. In recent stories, they have shown that Lindsay Lohan has been trying to turn her life around and personally I believe her. In truth, there are celebrities who have made mistakes and they have learned from them. So why do we still hold their past over their head?

Katie Holmes, Suri Cruise

The biggest problem that a celebrity has to deal with is the paparazzi. When we hear about some celebrity car crashes the reason they happened is because they were being chased by the paparazzi. Some of these incidents involve their children. This leads me to think about how the children have to suffer. One time, I remember watching Entertainment Tonight and a bunch of photographers were surrounding Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise following Katie’s divorce from Tom Cruise. The entire time Katie kept her head up high and smiled and waved. Suri, however, asked them to stop it and leave her alone. This lead to some of the photographers call her a brat and other names. The problem is Suri Cruise already had a price on her head the day she was born. Everyone wanted a picture of TomKats daughter. Then there was a Vanity Fair cover with her in it. Given the fact that her parents signed off on it, but why should Suri still face the paparazzi for her parents job. Doesn’t she deserve to have a normal childhood like everyone else?

No pictures please! #kermit the Frog

In the end, why should celebrities have to have their privacy violated because of their jobs? Why are so many people willing to pay money for them. There is a reason there are pictures with celebrities covering their face, running, and looking surprised. There is a reason so many of them ask the public for private. People want to know everything about their lives. Looking up to a celebrity and aspiring to be like one can be a compliment. However, there is a line when it comes down to violating their privacy. When that line is crossed, then they have every right to be frustrated.

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