#128 Josefina Montoya


In the popular American Girl doll line there is Josefina Montoya. Josefina is a young girl who just lost her mother and is helping her family out more. Throughout Josefina’s books we learn more about how Josefina never gives up her dreams on becoming a healer. One of the biggest themes in Josefina’s books is adjusting to loss. We see through Josefina’s eyes how things change when a parent dies. It is not an easy thing to carry on from. But, Josefina is able be courageous and kind just like she believes her mother would want her to be. Josefina is a spirited girl who wants to show others that kindness is the best medicine out there. The one thing that I like about Josefina the most is that she never takes her mind off something she has set it too. Josefina is a great role model who some girls can connect to easily.

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