#125 Bellatrix Lestrange

Bellatrix Lestrange Bellatrix Lestrange

Okay, time for me to play devils advocate here with one of the most recently recognized villains in literature. Bellatrix Lestrange was one of Lord Voldemorts most trusted servants in the popular Harry Potter book series. She was cruel, sadistic and did what Voldemort told her to do and not to do. However, she was one of two female death eaters, Voldemort’s followers. When we are first introduced to Bellatrix we learn her background, she is not a very nice person. But, when it comes down to it she is able to hold her own. She uses her brain when she needs to figure things out. She is not hesitant to call a stop to things when she knows that Voldemort would be unhappy. The only problem with Bellatrix is that everything she does is for a man who does not love her back. In the end, Bellatrix stands up for herself and is not afraid to challenge other people to defend her beliefs.

Why is America so obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey? (Blogging 101 assignment)

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Yesterday, I went out and saw Fifty Shades of Grey. Throughout the movie I was pretty much bored wondering why so many people wanted to watch a movie based on a poorly written novel. I will admit, I did read the books, but it was more of a guilty pleasure. The one question that I had through out the movie is why is America obsessed with Fifty Shades of Grey? Why do people flock to a movie where BDSM is glorified? Is it because there are people who want to know more about what happens in the red room?

The first part I am going to tackle is the BDSM part. I do not believe that BDSM is a good thing. The part in the movie as well as the book that got me the most was the contract. When Christian gives Ana the contract to read over what he wants to do to her, he gives her the option to say yes or no. This is after Ana is introduced to the red room. After, Ana reads the contract she tells Christian no. However, Christian does not take no for an answer and decides to make love to her partaking in a minor sex game with her. Ana then decides to let Christian “play” with her a bit. I wondered throughout this scene why Ana let Christian do this to her? Why did Ana think it was okay to be Christian’s “sex toy” through the scene. Given, Ana did have some control through the movie, she had the option of saying no. But, she had already said no to Christian once and she ended up right back in the red room. Contrary to belief, I don’t believe that Ana was in an abusive relationship because she did have control over how the contract and what was okay and not okay. Also, in Christian’s defense he told her what he was about, but still hunted her down.

I think that Christian’s addiction to BDSM is what made people more intrigued. The BDSM that is shown throughout the series is something that many people had not had exposure to before. When people see how handsome Christian is some may think that they would let them do what he is doing to Ana do to them. The way that Christian is described in the book is as the perfect man who tends to be a loner. Christian’s addiction to the BDSM practice changes after Ana comes into his life when he starts to warm up to her. He tends to take a different start with Ana rather than the other women who he was with before. The more I think about the more I realize that some of America’s addiction is how Ana doesn’t really bow down to Christian like the others. At the end of the movie as well as the book, she walks out on him leaving a door open for the sequel. However, throughout the rest of the series Ana tends to be more excited about what Christian does to her and wanting to get him back.

Then there is the red room that comes into question. The red room tends to be the most talked about part of all. The place where all the sexy stuff happens is the beginning to the obsession. Not many people have seen inside a sex dungeon leading to the guilty pleasure that started it all. The fact that so many people have imagined what the inside of the red room had looked like. I think the red room is the main reason why many people started flocking to the book. When people heard about what Ana and Christian were doing in the red room they wanted to read it for themselves. For me, this is what turned Fifty Shades of Grey into a guilty pleasure. The red room is what started the obsession, not the relationship. Many people had heard of a relationship like the on that Ana and Christian had. But, Ana and Christian’s relationship had a twist to it. I don’t think that many had read books where the relationship was like what Ana and Christian had.

In the end Fifty Shades of Grey is nothing more than a movie about a girl and guy who ultimately fall in love. The love story is basically what the series is about with the twist of erotic BDSM happening in the red room. This poorly written trilogy has grabbed America, as well as the rest of the world, by storm due to how the love story started.

#126 Joanne from Rent

A lawyer who has no issue using her brain to help out her friends for free. Joanne in the musical Rent is a perfect example of how a woman can be smart and beautiful at the same time. In Rent, Joanne has a girlfriend Maureen, scroll down to read my post on her, she goes through trying times with Maureen because she doesn’t want to change who she is. Maureen does not want to change who Joanne is either, but Joanne is more serious compared to Maureen’s carefree attitude. Joanne takes care of Maureen and her friends when they are in trouble. She keeps her head held high when she is looked down upon for being a lesbian. Throughout the musical Rent, Joanne shows that she can be a caring friend who won’t let anyone stop her from what she loves.

#127 Annie Hall

Fashion Icon: Annie Hall.  Diane Keaton's character of Annie Hall from the movie Annie Hall directed by Woody Allen inspired women everywhere to begin wearing menswear.

Everyone, or most people have heard of Annie Hall. The comedic movie about a man who wants to know why his relationship ended a year ago. So, when Alvy bumps into Annie he begins to ask why. Although, some view Annie Hall as an anti-feminist character I say otherwise. Annie constantly stands up to Alvy throughout the film defending her reason to end the relationship. When she does this she shows her independence and rises above him. I won’t give to much give too much more information about how Annie Hall is a good female character as that would spoil the ending. Annie Hall is controversial in the role of feminism because it is how the viewer sees her. However, for me Annie Hall is a wonderful role model for young women on how they can lead their life without a man in the picture.