#127 Annie Hall

Fashion Icon: Annie Hall.  Diane Keaton's character of Annie Hall from the movie Annie Hall directed by Woody Allen inspired women everywhere to begin wearing menswear.

Everyone, or most people have heard of Annie Hall. The comedic movie about a man who wants to know why his relationship ended a year ago. So, when Alvy bumps into Annie he begins to ask why. Although, some view Annie Hall as an anti-feminist character I say otherwise. Annie constantly stands up to Alvy throughout the film defending her reason to end the relationship. When she does this she shows her independence and rises above him. I won’t give to much give too much more information about how Annie Hall is a good female character as that would spoil the ending. Annie Hall is controversial in the role of feminism because it is how the viewer sees her. However, for me Annie Hall is a wonderful role model for young women on how they can lead their life without a man in the picture.

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