#123 Aurora

My first Disney Princess post!! Princess Aurora is best known for sleeping through half the movie Sleeping Beauty. Many people consider her a weak female role model because she ends up relying on a prince to save her due to a curse that is not her fault. But, I say differently, when we see Aurora running around the woods singing we see a different side to her. We see her as someone who has dreams, but is too scared to live them out. She was raised in a cottage away from the rest of the world with no one around. However, in the recent Maleficent movie we see her stand up to the three fairy godmothers telling them she wants her own life. In doing so, before she pricks her finger, we see a young girl who is ready to strike out on her own. I won’t give away what happens in the Maleficent movie, but I will say if you watch Maleficent you will see Princess Aurora in a different light.