Faith Friday

Pope Francis QuoteDuring Lent, I have decided to do Faith Friday. But, seeing as I am going to be away on Friday to go see a friend I have decided to move it up to Thursday. So, today I am going to write about Pope Francis. This pope is different from all the other popes that we have had in the past. He spoke about how gay people are welcome into the Catholic church. He stated that those who have been divorced should be allowed to receive communion. He has stated that Muslims, the Jewish, and Atheists are good people. The pope was even pictured sneaking out of the Vatican in order to feed the hungry. He stated his disgust at the priests who had partaken in child molestation long ago. He started a search into a priest who had spent too much on himself, as well as showing his sadness that the Catholic church misuses money. He called a rape victim on the phone and told her that she was not alone. Pope Francis is a true man of God who stays true to the Catholic faith as well as moving the church into the 21st century.

#121 Rory Gilmore

All 339 Books Referenced In "Gilmore Girls". It would take forever to read all these! But I would love to read a few!A smart girl with a loving single mother is always a good role model. Rory Gilmore was raised by her mother, Lorelai, who gave birth to her when she was just sixteen. Due to this Lorelai had a complicated relationship with her parents during Rory’s early years. However, Rory never failed to stay herself, as well as excel in her studies throughout the show. She ends up being valedictorian of her class and goes all the way to Yale. Rory never failed to give a tidbit of wisdom here or there. Throughout the series we see Rory go through relationship with men. These men love who Rory for who she is and don’t try to change her. Rory knows that being true to herself is more important than having the hottest boy in school as her boyfriend. Therefore, Rory Gilmore is wonderful character that girls should look up to.

Writing/Poetry 201: Concrete Poetry

The Bird

The Bird

         Had to fly South for winter

                  To escape the cold the North

                                    Was about to receive

                   Leaving before snow fell

             the bird chirped good bye

     To its nest

Saying good-bye

           to start a new beginning

                  The bird spread its wings

                                                 and started to fly

                   tomorrow would bring a new day

           The bird thought as it said good-bye

To yesterday