Writing 201: Prose

An Attempt at Prose

So here is my first attempt at prose. Please review it if you like. I know that I am new at this. One day I hope to be better at writing prose. Attempting something new is far from easy. Especially, since this is my first prose piece. So I am going to write a prose about thinking about what to write.

When I try to think of what to write I just stop for a minute. I look around me and wonder what to write about. I look at books, movies, magazines, and the internet. I read about historic things that happened on the day in time. Such as people being born, holidays around the world, and events that can change the course of history forever. History is something that happens everyday. One day we are going to look back on what happened in the years that we lived and realized that our generation made a difference in some way. We are going to understand that there are somethings that weren’t meant to be. Hopefully, one day this will all make sense.

So, my attempt at prose is a tough one. Not exactly easy trying to write something in a form I have never done before. So please enjoy and review

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