#117 Misty (Pokemon)

A young girl has a dream and lives to see it happen. In the hit anime series Pokemon we see Misty do just that. She dreams of becoming a great trainer of water pokemon. Throughout the series she has her ups and her downs when she faces Team Rocket or witnesses her pokemon struggle. Misty goes through it all and in the end lives to become what she always dreamed of. We also, learn about Misty’s family life and how they sometimes lead her to stray from her work. However, her family trusts and believe that Misty can accomplish anything. In the series, Misty is a ten year old girl who goes on an adventure. Now this is a cartoon where ten year old’s can go and do this. But, Misty does stand up to the challenge at all times. Misty is a wonderful example of how a girl can follow her dreams and accomplish them.

#118 (Sister) Sarah Brown (Guys and Dolls)

Sarah Brown....Guys and Dolls!

In the hit musical Guys and Dolls, Sister Sarah Brown stands up for what she believes in without losing her way. Sarah is in charge of a Save-A-Soul Mission type organization with high morals. However, the bad boy in her life can bring out the worst in her. In Guys and Dolls, gambling is frequent and Sarah ends up being roped into it. Her kind and very sheltered life does allow her to see the good in the world around her. She wants to help those who are lost and wants to bring them to the light, so to say. Sister Sarah Brown is a marvelous example of how a beautiful and classy woman can be herself in world where men want women to change who they are for their liking.

Writing 201: Drawer

An Ode to My Socks

My feet are cold

I need them now

I look through my drawer

I see a pair of green fluffy socks

I put them on

My feet feel warm

I had a regular pair of socks on before

Now with green fluffy socks on

Over these normal gray ones

My feet feel warm again.