#118 (Sister) Sarah Brown (Guys and Dolls)

Sarah Brown....Guys and Dolls!

In the hit musical Guys and Dolls, Sister Sarah Brown stands up for what she believes in without losing her way. Sarah is in charge of a Save-A-Soul Mission type organization with high morals. However, the bad boy in her life can bring out the worst in her. In Guys and Dolls, gambling is frequent and Sarah ends up being roped into it. Her kind and very sheltered life does allow her to see the good in the world around her. She wants to help those who are lost and wants to bring them to the light, so to say. Sister Sarah Brown is a marvelous example of how a beautiful and classy woman can be herself in world where men want women to change who they are for their liking.

2 thoughts on “#118 (Sister) Sarah Brown (Guys and Dolls)

  1. CynFranks says:

    I love Guys and Dolls! Now I want to watch it. Jean Simmons is so good in this. My favorite scene is when they are in Havana and she is drunk and hears bells.

    Brando really can’t sing, but I like watching him do it. It is a lesson in how to act your way through a song.


    • jabrush1213 says:

      Hey there! Yes, I love Guys and Dolls as well. I don’t see why they picked Brando for one of the lead roles though. In response to your idea of doing a post on the statue of Raising the Flag at Iwo Jima. For some reason, it got deleted. But I do plan on doing a post about the statue sometime later. Trying to space out my posts.


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