Very Inspiring Blogger Nomination!

Wow! Only a month into blogging and I got nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I would like to thank @cynfranks for nominating me. CynFranks is a writer who has written plays produced in Russia and the United States. Her spec script Brick by Brick premiered for the HBO series Deadwood placed second at The Austin Film Festival. CynFranks is a full time writer who’s blog is helping her transition to writing fiction. She is a drama coach and is a member of BMI Musical Theater Workshop. Thanks again for the nomination @cynfranks.

Here are the rules that apply:

1. Thank the blogger that nominated you.

2. List the rules and display the award

3. List seven interesting facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 amazing blogs and comment to let them know they have been nominated.

7 Things about me:

1. I went to college originally pursuing a degree in criminal justice hoping to become a lawyer. However, I ended up majoring in communications and English, both with concentrations in theater.

2. I worked on one show at the Goodspeed Opera House called Amazing Grace. I received the phone call to assist in automation the day after I graduated college.

3. Although, I love theater very much I have decided to leave the behind the scenes career aspect behind because I realized I enjoy writing more.

4. I enjoy cooking like a maniac. On days when I don’t have yoga, I usually go home and start cooking something up.

5. I can do cats cradle by myself with no assistance. That took a lot of practice and time. If you give me a cats cradle string, then there is a chance that you won’t get it back for a while as I will be playing with it.

6. I gave up texting for Lent one time in college. Many people thought I was nuts for doing so. However, it was probably one of the best things I have ever done.

7. I have caught the travel bug hard. There is a list of places I want to go and the number reaches over one hundred.

15 Very Inspiring Blogs

Here are the list of fifteen very inspiring blogs that I would like to nominated. These fifteen bloggers are wonderful at what they do and I hope that their blog takes them far.

1. This very inspiring blog was started by a woman named Eva who suffered a brain Her blog is wonderful because I have learned to celebrate the small things and how life does not end after tragedy.

2. This blog was started by a fun outgoing Christian girl who loves to be around family and friends. Her blog will inspire you about faith and family.

3. @TheTJblog This funny and sometimes serious blog can open your eyes to the world around you. I hope you hop on over to read more about what TJ has to say whether it be flash fiction or a recipe. Enjoy reading

4. This blog takes an artistic view on things. Rebecca has many wonderful paintings and drawings to share with the world. They are truly wonderful and I hope you get inspiration from the pictures she posts.

5. Some bloggers take time to make you think about how things are done differently. In this inspiring blog a woman talks about her life with bipolar and how it has changed her. I have been able to make connections with this blog on different occasions.

6. The catch phrase says it all about this blog. The inspiring blog shows us about the world around us and how things are waiting to be discovered out there. Whether it be about science or science history, FaradaysCandle keeps you hooked and interested through out many different blog posts.

7. The phrase “The Journey that is Life” shines through in this inspiring blog. In this blog there are many adventures that are being shared and how to look around you and never stop dreaming about tomorrow.

8. @ShySpark On this blog there are different poems and songs that are written. The inspiring posts that are there can help you see how things can be. There are non-poem posts that involve do it yourself projects as well.

9. @BookingIt Reading is one of my favorite things to do. So, when I heard about a challenged that involved reading I was willing and ready. If you are not a reader, but would like to read more, then this blog will inspire you to read different stories through out the world.

10. @CollidingUniverse. This mother who has shown DIY projects will truly inspire you. She is opened about how motherhood has changed her and through this has found different gluten free recipes. I know people who are gluten free and her blog posts that involve gluten free recipes gives me something to make for them.

11. @mis-organized Trying to think of a new way to organize your sock drawer? Trying to think of a new way to pack something. Well, then look no further! This inspiring blog shows many different ideas on how to do these things. One thing that I have been looking for is how to be a little more organized and this blog has truly helped.

12. There are many women out there waiting to be heard. Through this blog there are many different posts on how there are ways to get the word out. These two women are truly inspiring about magic tricks that are there and poems that will make you laugh and cry.

13. Love is something that tends to drift to and from our minds. In this blog there is inspiring exploration about how love makes us feel and think. Love is something that will never go away and it is always out there. This blog will make you realize that.

14. In this blog, this wonderful mother introduces the world into a wonderful thing called adoption. This fantastic mother explains her and her husbands journey to adopt two children. This blog also has fascinating fiction and poetry.

15. @amandak81 When we are beginning something new it is not always easy. In this blog, Amanda is able to show the wonderful side of that. Through poetry and stories there are different ways of showing how beginnings are a good thing. There are also posts on YA literature and about special relationships and things that are cherished.

So there you have it, I am once again very thankful to have been nominated for this award. Now, onto letting others know that they have been nominated. If they haven’t been already, would not surprise me though many of them are great.

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