Learning about the Solar System

The other day I took a class on astronomy. Through this class I was able to learn more about the solar system. So, this post I have decided to dedicate to the solar system and what is out there waiting to be explored.

  • Pluto, is no longer a planet, it is called a plutoid now. In fact some people think it is part of the Keipabelt.
  • Jupiter’s red spot is a giant storm that is happening constantly and has sixteen moons.
  • Jupiter has been called a failed star because it was huge and some scientists believe that it was originally going to become a star when it was formed. In fact some scientist believe that it could have been a second sun
  • The sun is a medium size star, just going to show how big other stars are out there compared to it.
  • The sun spots or dark spots on the sun are actually cooler that are linked to geomagnetic storms that create Aurora’s.
  • Mercury, like the Earth, has layers
  • Venus is called the veiled planet because of the gas storms over it. This causes Venus to give off a glow leading to some people calling it the Evening or Morning Star.
  • Earth is the densest planet in the solar system. Also, Earth could have ended up like Venus in a runaway greenhouse way.
  • Mars has dust storms and dust devils that travel across the planet as a whole. The reason Mars is red is due to the Iron presence.
  • Saturn’s rings are made of ice that is 95 times the size of Earth.
  • Uranus’s rings are made of dust.
  • Neptune is the most windy planet that has constant cyclonic storms. Also, Neptune was founded by a mathematical prediction.
  • The Moon is the only satellite of the Earth.
  • Most of what we know about Saturn came from Giovanni Cassini an Italian astronomer.
  • On Mars there is a canyon that dwarfs the Grand Canyon called Valles Mariheas.
  • In the asteroid belt there is a dwarf planet called Ceres.
  • Transit of Venus happens when Venus passes directly between the sun and Earth, this only happens twice a century. This already happened in 2004 and 2012 :(.
  • The gap in Saturn’s ring is called the Cassini division.

What I learned about the solar system I found very interesting. I learned that there is a way to photograph the sun through a safe solar film. A German group called Baader makes them. I hope you found these facts as interesting as I did.

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