Mosquito Prevention

How to Prevent Mosquitoes This Summer >>

That time of year is coming again when mosquitoes create a nuisance. These bugs whose bite makes a bump that itches. You can hear their buzzing noise as they zoom into take a bite. Swatting them away and squishing them stops just a few, but not all of them. Let’s face it, it is not very easy to go through the summer season without getting a bug bite from a mosquito. But, there are ways to help reduce getting mosquito bites around your home and outside.Hey Mosquitos…Suck THIS! Bite Prevention & Remedies | organized CHAOS online

Precautions To Help Avoid Mosquito Bites

  • Keep watch of outdoor activities that take place at dawn and dusk, you might want to minimize these
  • Make sure all screens, doors, windows are tight fitted and in good standing
  • Wear shoes, socks, long pants, and long sleeve shirts that are tightly woven.
  • Use a mosquito netting when sleeping outdoors.
  • Consider buying mosquito repellent when it becomes necessary to be outside and use it accordingly with the directions. The most effective repellents involve the use of DEET or Picaridin.
  • Repellents that have DEET in them are not to be applied to under clothing, wounds/irritated skin, hands of children, and/ or infants who are less than two months.

Measures To Help Reduce Mosquitoes Around the House

  • Dispose of water-holding containers, such as ceramic pots, used tires, and tire swings.
  • Drill holes in the bottom of containers such as those that are not used for recycling.
  • Clean clogged roof gutters.
  • Objects that may trap water should be turned over when not in use such as wading pools, wagons, and wheelbarrows.
  • Change the water in bird baths on a weekly basis
  • Clean and chlorinate swimming pools. When the pool is not in use then clean the pool cover.
  • Use a landscaping tool to help eliminate areas where water can collect on your property.

If you have any more questions about how to prevent mosquitoes from being more of a pest than you want then go to the website I know this the Connecticut state address as this is the state that I come from. This website also includes information on the West Nile Virus that is carried by mosquitoes.  But, it does have useful information about mosquito prevention to help in the future. Here is another website with information as well.

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