#9 The Pevensie Sisters (Tie)

Susan & Lucy Pevensie

Susan and Lucy Pevensie are two sisters who are as different as can be. None the less they get along. They stand strong together side by side in battle. C.S. Lewis introduced them to the world in The Chronicles of Narnia. Susan is a no nonsense sister who always looks for a logical explanation. While Lucy, is a carefree child with a heart for caring about others.

Narnia: Susan Pevensie by ~Archer-AMS on deviantARTSusan is the one who is smart and practical. Upon hearing about Narnia behind a closet door, she dismissed it immediately. She told her sister Lucy, that Narnia was just a childish figment of her imagination. Even though she did this with good intentions for her younger sister, she came off to the audience in the wrong way. However, once Susan discovers Narnia she quickly learns that she is destined for something greater. After a meeting Susan receives a bow and arrow, becoming quite the archer. Heading into battle head on and standing by her siblings side, Susan never stopped believing that her destiny would take her some place new. Everything that Susan did gained her the respect from her siblings as well as becoming a role model to her younger sister Lucy. One to go at it alone in dire times, Susan stands strong taking the lead, even when she is reluctant to do so.

Narnia:Lucy Pevensie by ~Archer-AMS on deviantARTLucy, the younger sister, who enjoys the simple things in life. After, discovering Narnia, she tries to tell her siblings to no avail. But, she goes to and from Narnia visiting her friend Mr. Tumnus. Hearing the horrible things about what happened to Narnia after the White Queen, she became a leader trying to bring peace back to the land. Once her siblings discover the magical land of Narnia, they start to hear what she has to say. If it was not for Lucy raising her voice from time to time, then Narnia would not have been where it was. She was able to explain the horror of that Narnia had fallen under gaining the respect and trust from her siblings. We see Lucy be given a healing potion which she uses when needed. We watch Lucy grow up to become a young woman, reluctantly knowing that she would have to leave Narnia for good. None the less, Lucy became a role model to lead Narnia to a free land.

Susan and Lucy Pevensie are two of the most unique female characters. Two sisters who were born with no claim to a throne, yet gained the throne by fighting battles. They earned their rightful place in Narnia through the minds of young readers. Susan and Lucy Pevensie are by far two of the greatest female role models there are.

#9 Arya Stark (Tie)

35 TV characters who deserve their own spinoffArya Stark is quite the character on Game of Thrones. We are introduced to a tomboy who hates dresses and going to parties. She would rather be learning to sword fight or hang out with the guys. As a young noble girl, there is already a plan set in motion for Arya when she gets older. The plan would be her her to marry and bear children. This may be something she wants later on in life. But, this plan would involve an arranged marriage with someone who, she might, not love. She would have to spend her days sewing and being a gentle lady. In a grim twist of fate a tragedy happens and she is able to pursue the happiness that she has always wanted. Even though this involved her running away, she was able to look on the bright side to find happiness. Happiness is something that does not come to Arya easily, she has to fight for it. Arya Stark is the type of female character who follows her heart and dreams even when times are hard.

Joan of Arc

Frank Godwin, Joan of ArcOne of the earliest heroines I learned in Catechism, right next to the women in the bible, was Joan of Arc. Heavily, misunderstood by people because she did not turn away from God when he called to her. Since her death she has become a Catholic Saint and a heroine in France. Unfortunately, she met her death at age nineteen before she could do anymore good in her life. But, she met her death because of a special meeting she had with the Archangel Michael, Saint Margaret, and Saint Catherine. This was during a time when war was going on between Britain and France. She met her death by being burned after being found guilty be a pro-British bishop.

Howard Pyle (1853-1911) - Joan of Arc Speaking to the Angels. - Twain, Mark. SAINT JOAN OF ARC. New York, Harper and Brothers, Circa 1919.However, her faith was something that was not shaken.Joan of Arc was a young girl who stood by her faith even when time was rough. She stood up for what she believed in, during a time when girls were encouraged to be silent. She made it clear that she had the power to lead because of the messages she had received from God. She had no proof, but successfully lead a campaign from the messages she received from God. The fact that she had no proof of these messages lead to her untimely death. She was brought up on charges of treason, yet she never lost faith. She even shared her faith with those who had judged her harshly.

Saint Joan of Arc window - Would love if I could find where this is from, its actually quite accurate.But what does it mean to hold on to your faith? What made Joan of Arc stand by her visions and not bow down to the court? A powerful woman, Joan was strong. Joan knew that one day her words would be heard. There was no investigation at the time. But, after her death, there was an investigation leading her to be declared a martyr. Joan of Arc left the message that one word can last a life time. Sadly, Joan did not live to see her name cleared. But, she is in heaven and now sees how good her word was. She did not give up on her faith. She never lost faith in God. Even though, her death was painful, she knew she was going to a better place. I do believe that she knew she was being judged unfairly. Yet, she did her best to spread God’s word.

Joan of Arc immortalized in the Place des Pyramides in Paris, FranceJoan of Arc was not a heroine at the time. I wonder if she ever considered herself to be a heroine. Anyway, Joan was a woman who was true to her word to God. She promised to follow in the ways from the visions she had with: Archangel Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret. It may not have been God or his son Jesus themselves. But, she took their message seriously by not turning them away. By not cowering down to a high court. Joan of Arc became a heroine in her own right. On this day in 1431, at the age of nineteen she was burned to death.



Pegasus the winged horse. Image taken from http://www.newciv.org/pegasus/pegasus.jpg

A horse who can fly

A horse whose wings are wide

Some call this horse


Jealousy from others

As no other horses can fly

Jealousy because

There is no way ordinary horses can fly

Individuality by being born



Able to achieve

things from the normal horse

The normal horse cannot fly

But what is normal anyway?

Pegasus knows

That being normal is not important

Normality would cause him

to not be himself

With no wings

No ability to fly

Only to be tied down

Like the other horses

Pegasus is happy

Knowing there is something

Different about him

Compared to the other

Horses around him

#10 Galadriel

A Few of My Favorite Quotes from Lord of the Rings | Musings of a Nerdy GirlLord of the Rings has quite the diverse female characters that I can relate to. Initially, I had misunderstood Galadriel when she was introduced, after I read the book I saw her in a different light. Taking a liking to Gimli, a dwarf, while she an elf was heavily frowned upon. She managed to find away to bridge a friendship from an old grudge. Galadriel knew what was to come if Frodo were to fail with his mission to destroy the ring of evil. She used her resources to assist him, even giving him not-so cryptic instructions. Galadriel is one of those characters who you are introduced to as an odd one. She has the power of foresight, leading her to have troubling visions. The ones that are awful she dedicates her life to making sure they never come. Always having forewarning on her side, she uses it to her advantage. Galadriel taught me to look on the inside when it comes down to fighting the forces of evil. Judged as being an evil witch, Galadrial proved them wrong.



grape vines trained as an umbrella- Love this!  Any climbing vie would look fantastic like this!!!

Where do they start

Where do they end

How do we get there

Vines are a mystery

Because we see no end

We see no beginning

We have to search

For it

We have to find the end and beginning

Like we do in life sometimes

How did we get there?

How do we stop?

What caused the vine to grow?

What caused the vine to stop?

Was there a seed?

How does the vine know

When to stop

What makes vines so interesting?

What makes them go?

Why do they grow like they do?

Some vines are strong

So we can swing from them

Some vines are weak

And decorate a tree

Some vines make a house look pretty

Sometimes they overgrow

And don’t stop

But vines do stop

What makes them stop

Is a mystery to me

What about you?

Poison Ivy

How to Get Rid of Poison Ivy Plants in 9 StepsIn the past week my mother contracted poison ivy. Seeing the rash on her arm brought back memories of when I was in the fourth grade and I was covered in poison ivy. I had half of my body covered in calamine lotion and I had to wear a dress to dance class because I couldn’t wear a leotard. Whenever lotion was applied to make the rash go away I would feel a little bit of a sting because I could not stop itching.

Poison, Ivy, Oak, and, Sumac rash pictures. Nasty stuff for hikers and campersItching is the main reason why the poison ivy spread. Eventually, my parents cut my nails down a bit, so the wound would not leak onto the skin and infect more. It was not a fun time. I remember going to school and constantly reminding myself not to scratch. I really wanted to scratch because of how much poison ivy itched. Even though I was only covered in poison ivy for a couple of weeks, it felt like forever. It felt as though, this would go no where. That I would be covered in itchy red spots all over my body. Imagine being covered in pimples, but they itched and cover up did not do the job well.

In honor of the horrific memory of me contracting poison ivy as a child. As well, as my mother contracting it over the weekend. I have decided to look up a few facts on poison ivy for prevention and how to stop the spread.

  • DO NOT SCRATCH! Scratching allows poison ivy to spread through out the body causing an infection.
  • If you brush up against poison ivy, immediately wash your body with lukewarm  and soapy water. This helps rinse off some of the oil.
  • Wash your clothing, by doing this you are already taking the first step to stopping the spread. The oil can stick to the clothing causing other pieces of clothing to become intact with poison ivy.
  • Wash everything the oil hits the surface. Poison ivy can be contracted by just touching the surface of a table.
  • Leave blisters alone. Sometimes poison ivy blisters, when this happens DO NOT REMOVE the overlying skin. The skin can protect the raw wound underneath and prevent infection.
  • Take short lukewarm baths. This helps ease the itch and taking one in colloidal oatmeal helps more. You can purchase this at a local drug store.
  • Need a Quick-Acting Acne Fix? Break out the Calamine Lotion! This really does work. My skin is bipolar, but I always come back to this.Consider calamine lotion or hydrocortosine cream. Apply this to the skin to help the itching go down.
  • Apply a cool compress to the itchy skin. You can simply make one with a face cloth (wash right after use). Wring it out after washing in COLD water. Then apply to the itchy skin

Know your poisonous plants to avoid an itchy night tossing and turning and fighting off a rash while in the back country.These solutions not only work for poison ivy, but also poison oak and poison sumac. The best way to avoid contracting poison oak, sumac, and/or ivy is to avoid the plant completely. The picture above depicts poison ivy, not sumac and/or oak, just an FYI. Another way is to protect your skin, like wearing sneakers and ankle high socks when out hiking and/or long sleeve shirts.

How do you identify poison ivy. This is good to know since there is poison ivy all over NCHere is what poison ivy looks like:

  • Each leaf has three small leaflets
  • It grows in a shrub or a small low woody plant in far Northern and Western United States, Canada, and around the Great Lakes.
  • Poison ivy commonly grows on a vine in the East, Midwest, and southern areas of the United States.
  • In spring, it grows yellowish green flowers
  • There may be green berries that turn off white in early fall.

Since poison ivy is not the only plant that can cause an infection and itch. Here is what poison oak and poison sumac looks like:

How to Identify Poison Oak, Poison Ivy, & Poison Sumac Plants ~ via http://www.buzzle.com/articles/how-to-identify-poison-oak-poison-ivy-and-poison-sumac-plants.htmlPoison Oak

  • Each has three small leaflets
  • Mostly, it grows as a shrub
  • In the Western United States, poison oak can grow as a vine.
  • There may be yellow and white berries attached

Going for a hike? Avoid these plants. All three contain urushiol -- an oil that cause an itchy, blistering rash. Learn more & share!Poison Sumac

  • Each leaf has a row of paired leaflets and other leaflets at the end.
  • Grows in a small shrub or small tree
  • In the Northeast and Midwest, it grows in standing water or peat bogs
  • In the Southeast United States, it grows in swampy areas
  • The leaves, often, have spots that looks like blotches of black paint. These spots are from urushiol, which when it is exposed to air causes them to turn brown. Before, the urushial hits the air, it turns yellow.
  • There maybe yellowish white berries

Cover page of PDF version of Outsmarting Poison Ivy and Other Poisonous Plants article, including illustrations of poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumacI hope that this information is helpful to you. I would not wish poison ivy, sumac, and/or oak on anyone. It starts off as a small itchy rash, the next thing you know you are covering yourself in calamine lotion. That is what happened to me. So, I hope that this information is useful. Here is the link to the website where I got most of my information from: https://www.aad.org/dermatology-a-to-z/diseases-and-treatments/m—p/poison-ivy/tips There is more information is on this website for prevention and symptoms.

#11 Eowyn

Eowyn ~ I am no man...    Google Image Result for http://www.lotr.tk/albums/eowyn/Eowyn_wallpaper_7_2.jpgAnother Lord of the Rings heroine! Eowyn was a young lady who was born into nobility. Much was expected of her to be a kind and gentle woman who married a man and had children. But, she knew that learning to wield a sword was more important that pursuing the guy of her dreams. When we are first introduced to Eowyn we learn quickly that she is unhappy being raised to be just a woman. As a journey to leave her home starts, she secretly packs a sword to defend herself. Later, on in the movie series, we see her disguise herself as a man in order to go to battle, as she couldn’t go as just a woman. The quote “I am no man,” was spoken by Eowyn to the Nazgul King when he insulted her for being a man. In her final moments of battle, Eowyn became a heroine in her own right to all the other girls in Middle Earth. She did find happiness with a new love and starting a family. Even though Eowyn did go on with her life off the battle field, she never lost who she was.

Grilled Zucchini and Summer Squash

Ah yes, Summer is here! Maybe not officially, but the weather has warmed up and it just feels like summer. As you can probably guess, I love grilled veggies. Zucchini and summer squash are two of my favorites. Last year after cutting the zucchini and summer squash a different way, I learned how to make them differently with the help of my handy- dandy grill walk.

1 medium size zucchini

1 medium size summer squash

1 small onion

Olive oil

Garlic powder

Wash then, chop up the zucchini, summer squash, and onion. Put them in the grill wok on top of a plate. Stir in olive oil and garlic powder. Take the grill wok ON THE PLATE to the grill and start grill. Stir the veggies (zucchini, summer squash, and onion) and add olive oil and garlic powder to taste until done. Take off and turn off grill, eat and enjoy.

#12 Arwen

Arwen Undomiel from the movie trilogy Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien has a few female characters. They have small parts, but there is one female elf who sticks out. Arwen is a fighter who goes out on her own. She assists in saving the day and stopping Sauron from destroying Middle Earth. We see her bravery in taking Frodo back to Rivendell after he has been mortally wounded. In this pursuit she faced off nine wringwraiths (bad creatures who want the ring from Frodo). Knowing that no good deed goes unpunished hits her hard when she learns that she must be separated from her future husband, Aragorn. Arwen knows that there will be a day when good rules all. Living under the roof of a father who is quick to judge, Arwen learned to look for the good in people early on. Arwen is the female character who has shown that good things do come in time. For Arwen, this was seeing Sauron defeated and peace in her land.