Wanting to know more

About the world

Confused by wars

Confused by anger and sadness

Strife and unfairness


About everything that I hear

On the news

Are there new bad words?

Are their people taking away freedom?

Why are is freedom taken for granted?

I am confused

By those who take everything

For granted

A family, friends, a home

An education, to have a career

To choose who they love

To be confused by all

These things

That different places

Have laws and arrangements

Children who are sold into marriage

Those who can’t get passed a middle school education

Due to their countries laws

In America

We have many things

We take for granted

When around the world

Those things are valued

Confused by hearing and knowing

About what I am able

To have

and gain

I am confused by those

Who don’t see

Nor understand

What it means to have freedom

Freedom is not free

Rights are taken for granted

I am confused

about the world

and what I value

Is taken for granted

By so many

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