Warrior 2

Yesterday, I did a blog post on Reverse Warrior. Today, I am doing Warrior 2, a different yoga position. Getting into warrior two is traditionally done from warrior one and opening up to a side wall. When I open my arms and torso to the left or right, depending on which foot is forward, I feel my torso suspended. Adjusting the my feet until I feel comfortable helps as well. Opening my arms and feeling a little pain goes along way. Although, you do have the options of putting your arms down and on your waist. For me keeping the arms up is rewarding. I do put my hands on my waist from time to time if I need to. Warrior two comes with quite a bit of benefits, but the one that I feel the most is helping with concentration. Being able to focus is something that I have struggled However, in warrior two and being told to focus over the finger tips I find that concentrating has become easier. Here is the link to a website that lists more of the health benefits that comes with Warrior two. http://www.cnyhealingarts.com/2011/06/01/the-health-benefits-of-virabhadrasana-ii-warrior-ii-pose/

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