#4 Addy Walker

The final American Girl in this series is Addy Walker. A young girl who was born a slave who escaped to freedom with her mother. Sadly, her father and brother were sadly sold as slaves to another master. In order to escape from slavery, Addy and her mother had to leave her baby sister behind. Addy had lost a lot before escaping the tyranny of slavery on route to Philadelphia. Once she and her mother successfully moved she had enrolled in school. She was able to teach her mother how to read, write, and do mathematics. Addy is a brave and courageous young girl who is able to teach other young girls a lesson through her life. Her education started later in life because she was born into slavery and this obviously affected her ability to get a proper education. Once she was free from her master and able to live a life, Addy embraced who she truly was. She never looked back and proceeded on with her life.

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