The Beach

The Beach

D-Day, Normandy, France, June 6, 1944.

I went to the beach today

Not to sunbath

Not to swim

But to fight

For my country

On the boat

On the high waves

That hit hard

Knowing the beach was in sight

Knowing my destiny would be determined

Right there and then

As we approached I heard the gun fire

 I knew it was coming

The battle that I had trained for

The one that had been planned

For many months

Was upon me

Upon my fellow soldiers, sailors, and airmen

The boat landed

And I ran out

I looked around

My fellow men were falling

My fellow men were dying

My friends, my brothers

Were dying for their countries

The Brits, the Canadians,

As well as my fellow Americans

Came to the beach

To fight for what they believed in

A free world

Free of the Nazi tyranny

Free of what would happen

If Hitler were to win

the Nazi’s must not win

I survived that day

Remembering all of the brave men

who gave their life on the beach

In those final moments

We were not just Canadians,

We were not just Brits

We were not just Americans

We were the fellow men in arms

We were brothers

We were equals

With the same goal

To serve our countries with grace

For the rest of my life

I shall dedicate

The rest of my life

To honoring those

Who gave their life

At the beach that fateful morning

We were soldiers

all of us men in arms

From different nations

Fought for freedom

Fought for a just world

I have since visited

Normandy many times

Paying tribute to those who died

On the beach June 6, 1944

The beach still looks the same

But the memories remain

The same

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