International Best Friends Day

I am lucky I had a. Friend that was like a sister to me and that I can tell her anything and she would tell me everything God knows who my true friends are but bailing apart from my best friend for so long breaks my heart because she always had my back when I needed a friend to talk to she would always find a way to make me smile even though I didn't want to not talking to her makes me cry because i miss her every day and I miss how close we used to be

With the help of the internet I learned that today is International Best Friends Day! Where would we be without our friends? The very best we tell our secrets to, our best friends know us better than anyone else in the world. They sometimes know us better than our own family. Happy International Best Friends Day, a day to be thankful for the person who has been with you through thick and thin. The friend who goes to you when they need help, and you do the same in return. Best friends are a true blessing to all.

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