Why Bella Swan was not on the List

Ménage - When the Cullen brothers come across an injured Bella on the side of the road, they take her home to care for her. They quickly realise that she is "the one" and will do anything to protect her. And they'll never let her go. RatedM - Romance&Drama - Bella, Jasper, Emmett, Edward - chapters45 - by SheIsn'tHereIn the Twilight series we are introduced to a lonely girl who ends up falling in love with a vampire. Her entire life ends up revolving around him and she goes as far as hurting herself. As far as I am concerned Bella Swan, is not a good role model. Many girls look up to this consistent damsel in distress with pleasure. They end up idolizing her when she jumps off a cliff just to get a glimpse of Edward. She leaves town abruptly and flies off to Arizona in order to “protect” herself from danger.

The one thing Bella does not do in this series is stand up for herself. She stands up for those who she cares about which is noble. But, she puts everything aside just to be with Edward. She ends up sacrificing her dreams of going to college to become a vampire. She chooses to say good-bye to her family in order to start a new life at just eighteen. Yes, eighteen, she ended up marrying Edward. She was just a teenager when she “chose” to make all of these important decisions most people don’t make until after they are out of college.

greatest ks meme ever!The only time we see Bella go into battle is in the final movie against the Volturi, then we discover it never happened. The only good quality about Bella is that she stands up for her daughter when she is danger. There way that Bella acts and the way that she is does not make her a good role model for young girls. She ends up moving too fast with her relationship with Edward leading her to become submissive and practically dead inside without him around. Her whole entire life ends up revolving around one man. Bella can’t seem to do anything with her life once Edward steps in.

4 thoughts on “Why Bella Swan was not on the List

  1. mmrli says:

    You summed it up perfectly. Most of the characters in the book had a bit of fight to them. She seems almost one dimensional. Is it just me or did you feel bad for the Dad. He was the one whose feelings are considered the least. He has to watch her waste away not knowing why or what to do. He has to deal with what he thinks is an abusive boyfriend situation. He has to loss his daughter to this guy only to find her again changed but never the same as she was. he is put in danger with little regard from his daughter. Thanks you for fleshing out why I did not like her character.

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