A Dog Named Bob Challenge

I woke up this morning to hearing the blue jay outside my house. On this cold winter day I saw the mailman drop off the mail in the mailbox. I wondered where Bob was as  I poured the syrup on my pancakes. I looked outside again. Bob is usually there to greet the mailman, it is this dogs favorite time of day.

As I eat my breakfast I hear the blue jay more. I look down at my empty plate and realize I have not heard Bob bark. Where is Bob this morning? Where is the friendly neighbor dog that children love? Where is Bob? The ultimate question started to get to me. The best of my curiosity was rising. Bob is the first thing I hear in the morning. Not the blue jays. I hear barking not chirping.

I looked out the window again. My neighbors front yard is empty. Maybe they are keeping Bob inside because they want him out of the cold. It is below zero outside. It is too cold for a dog to be outside barking after the mailman. I changed direction in my house trying to find another spot in my house where I could look into my neighbors window.

I know that spying is wrong by far. My parents taught me to mind my own business. But, I need to know about Bob. I look into my neighbors window the best I can. Opening the window and squinting my eyes. I see that Bob’s dog bed is empty. I see my neighbor watching television while drinking a hot drink. There is no sign of Bob. I change to another window and try to see Bob. This time I am able to see into the kitchen. The dog bowls that are usually filled with food are empty. There is no water either.

What happened to Bob? The more and more I think about Bob, the more urgent I feel the need to make a phone call over. I go to grab the phone. As I am dialing the number, I hear a car pull up into my neighbors driveway. I look out the window. My neighbors wife comes out of the car and opens the back door. There is Bob, he must have been with her this whole time. Bob is home again, safe and sound. My curiosity may have gotten the best of me this time, but Bob is safe and sound. This happy smiling dog is here again for the rest of the world to enjoy.


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