Why Anastasia Steele is not on the List

Anastasia is constantly playing with her lips and was doing this as she met Christian Grey. This drove him crazy and was the first thing he noticed about her and knew he wanted her.When E.L. James introduced the poorly written phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey to the world I was hooked. I understood what was happening in the book as it went along. When I started to read I thought of what Anastasia Steele had become by the end of the first novel. A submissive girl who is completely dependent on one man, Christian Grey. The way that Christian obtains her is by stalking making me wonder why she went after him in the first place.

Christian basically spent the first novel stalking Ana. He sent her multiple text messages and gave her gifts. The part that got me the most is when Ana was introduced to “the contract” Christian gave her. Originally, she said no to what she would have to do. Then he hunted her down and she said yes to him. Why would you say yes to a man who wants to control your entire life? He tells her in this contract what she has to eat, wear, drink, and act. There is almost no freedom she is able to get once she says yes. Ana just gives into him entirely not really thinking about what he can do to her.

Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele - 50 Shades of Grey (Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson)Then there is the part when Ana announces that she is going away to go visit her mother. Christian gets infuriated with her. He feels like she needs  to get permission from him with any venture she takes. In the movie, we see him storm out in the middle of dinner with his family with Ana in tow. He ends up so infuriated and Ana ends up calming him down. He lets her go to Georgia to see her mother, only for him to come in a day later to follow up on her. Christians stalking of Ana is so obsessive that it is almost impossible to comprehend.

The biggest problem that I have in the end is that Ana pushes Christian away constantly and she takes him back. All the time in the book Ana has to do everything that Christian says to do. Every time she pushes him away it is a breath of fresh air. We want Ana to push Christian away. But, in the end she takes him back for what ever reason. Anastasia Steele is far from a role model for young girls for the way that she chooses Christian over freedom.

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