Happy Birthday Anne Frank!

Anne Frank is and was an inspiration, I recently read The Diary Of Anne Frank, and to be honest, I was emotionally unstable. <3One of the real life girls who I was fascinated by in my childhood was, and still is, Anne Frank. The young Jewish girl whose diary was released for the world to see. I have read her diary and was touched by what she wrote. She described about what it was like to go into hiding with eight other people. To live in an annex because she was Jewish and would have been sent off to a concentration camp. Her diary describes the conditions that she had to live under, such as no flushing the toilet and food rations. She talks about what she would like to be when she grows up with dreams of Hollywood.

Anne Frank house, Amsterdam  You can argue whether she was actually a woman or a child, but either way, she has impacted many hundreds of thousands of lives, so you cannot argue whether or not she changed the world.In 1942, on her thirteenth birthday, she received the diary that would become world famous. As we all know she would not live past the age of fifteen because her family was found. She was sent off to Bergen-Belson where she would pass away due to typhus in February of 1945, just three months before the end of the war. The only person to survive the ordeal was her father, Otto, who published her diary. Anne Frank’s story is one that lives on today. It shows courage in a time of war. It shows peace in a time of fighting. There is so much that Anne Frank had to offer the world before her life was cut short. Today, her story does live on, with the world to acknowledge Anne Frank for who she was and how she lived her short life.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Anne Frank!

  1. Faraday's Candle says:

    What an amazing young girl she was. We recently saw a movie on her life story and have read books on her life. There was so much to learn from her. Thank you for sharing. Where did you get the beautiful watercolor image of her? Stunning.

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