Flag Day

Betsy Ross Making the First Flag with Stars & StripesWhen I woke up this morning, I looked at my calendar and realized that it is Flag Day. Back in 1977, the American flag design by Betsy Ross was officially adopted. To this day in America, we honor the day that this blessed design was added. The designs that soldiers wear on their uniform. The flag that American’s carry with them into battle.

patriotic - I used to sing this at the start of each school day after the pledge (we also had a prayer)The symbol of the American flag is something that represents bravery and grace. With bravery America was founded when the Declaration of Independence was sent to England. The men who signed this knew that some of the consequences would be dire. But, the did it anyway and after the American Revolution was won, America was founded as a country.

from sea to shining seaBravery goes with grace, for grace is something that is bestowed upon us by God. With grace and glory, America is the free land today. We sometimes forget that grace is something that comes with hope. We tend to lose sight of things and forget about what grace is. But, grace is something that came with the American flag when it was designed to represent the first patriots of the nation.

Flag Day is a national holiday, even though people go to work, there is a flag to look unto. A flag that represents the United States of America. Our flag is beautiful and may it never fade. With songs and the Pledge of Allegiance, the American flag is a symbol that American’s can take pride in every day. I Pledge Allegiance - Printable Poster... for my kids who are just learning it!


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