A House Divided

A house divided - lincoln

In 1858, Abraham Lincoln accepted the Republican nomination for president. The new senator gave his famous A House Divided Speech at the Illinois State Capitol, on June 16, 1858. In this famous speech he reflects on how America was being divided in two: north and south due to the issue of slavery.

Unfortunately, slavery was a controversial issue with the question being to free the slaves or not to free the slaves. There were many people who were fighting to free the slaves from unjust captivity. While, there were those who felt like the slaves should stay were they are. As Lincoln expected, the United States would be divided based on the issue of slavery. When there are two sides to a story and no hope of seeing the end in site, the country being divided was inevitable. The north and the south were at grave odds on slavery, which would lead to a Civil War among other issues.

Even though there were more issues that started the Civil War in America, Abraham Lincoln’s speech about a house divided has stood the test of time. There are many people who have heard and read Abraham Lincoln’s A House Divided an are encouraged,


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