Upside Down

Upside Down

To be upside down

Is to see the world differently

Nothing is what it seems

Everything is opposite

Everything is sideways

Standing on your head

Or bending in a different way

You can see the world

Upside down

In a perspective

That shows you

That nothing is perfect

Nobody is perfect

No object either

Being upside down can

Teach you this

When you see a person smile

Or a light on the ceiling

Feet walking towards you

Being upside down

Lets you see the world

In a different perspective

with a lesson at the end


4 thoughts on “Upside Down

  1. Fimnora Westcaw says:

    One of the Major Arcana in a Tarot deck is called The Hanged Man, which is depicted as someone hanging upside down. It represents, among other things, seeing things from a different perspective. I love it when things bring me to Tarot thoughts 🙂

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