Stress Loony Toons Style

One of the greatest issues I have is stressed. I over think things and try to get too much done at the same time. Stress is something that we can’t all escape from, it is something that is there. Every now and then we encounter stress that because something happened out of the blue, such as forgetting to get something done on time or having the date mixed up for a project. At my job, stress sometimes gets to me from time to time. About two weeks ago in work there was a “huddle” on how to handle stress, here are some tips:

  • I don't have time to be this busy!  #garfieldNot all Stress is bad: Good stress can help motivate team members to stretch themselves and meet new challenges. Not all stress comes from the work place, such as financial difficulty, marital issues, and personal concerns. Steps to help with this include: training employees and managers to boost efficiency and performance. This can happen by providing training to help the employees do their jobs better to help reduce stress.
  • Helping Co-Workers Cope: Sometimes team members need a helping hand with learning how to cope with stress in the work place.
  • Keep Them Coping: By addressing the workplace causes of team member stress and taking proper steps to minimizing stress, the next steps is to help co-workers cope with situations they cannot change.
  • "Never stress on what you can't control and never worry about what isn't yours."Initiatives: Stress can aggravate medical conditions, which can lead to employers finding new ways to battle stress. One of these ways is by staying healthy and active, people who are both of these things are more likely to handle stress better.
  • Go to health screenings for cholesterol and blood screenings: Like I said stress can aggravate some medical conditions, so going to a blood and/or cholesterol screening can be beneficial.
  • Massage Therapy: Probably one of my favorites, massage therapy can help people relax. By going and getting a neck rub and/or shoulder massage, which may be a small step, but in the end is appreciated the most for relaxation.
  • Every day of my life!The more control people have over their, work the greater the satisfaction is: Work quality becomes higher when co-workers are able to control the power that is given to them.
  • Communication is key: One of the best resources of co-worker stress is not knowing about changes that are taking place in the company, such as not knowing their supervisors/boss’es expectations. Communication in these areas reduces stress at the work place greatly.

Stressed? So is everybody to reduce stress and ideas for a mental health moment www.mymentalhealthday.orgStress in the work place is something that is not going to go away. But, there are ways to help stress go down and make things go more smoothly. There is no way to stop stress from happening, however there are ways of helping other people out.

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