National PTSD Awareness Day

Yesterday, I wrote about the day dedicated to victims of torture, little did I know that the following day, today, would be about PTSD. PTSD stands for post-traumatic stress disorder, something that is found when a person who had been through a traumatic event that they have trouble dealing with. As it is known, many soldiers who have returned from a battle zone suffer from PTSD due to the horrors of war. However, surviving/witnessing a shooting, a bank robbery, and/or being assaulted can lead to the suffering of PTSD. I do not know anyone who has PTSD, but I know of people who do know others who suffer from PTSD. A horrible disease that is not caused by a germ, but witnessing and surviving something awful that no one can imagine. When we watch cop shows on television they show us fictionalized accounts of what someone looks like when they are dying or being held up at a bank. Truth be told, only the victims of an event that is horrible and awful can really say what it is like to survive and suffer from PTSD.

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